My yamaha silent guitar is a little sharp all over

Have had this guitar for a a few years now but I never cared to carefully see if all frets are in tune until today :slight_smile: almost every fret even on 12th fret is a few cents sharp .
No it is not the tuner as I tried other tuners too. The string is new but not that much new and it has settled . I can’t imagine why I never tested it before.

Any idea?

Hi there,

I think either (a) you push the strings too much so the notes are sharper or (b) the intonation needs to be adjusted.

However, since 1 cent is 1/100 of a semitone, I don’t think anybody without perfect pitch would be able to hear if a note is a few cents off.

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Tuners are more sensitive than most of our ears. It must be tough for the few that can hear it.

I realized a similar issue a while back. @Jozsef is right, I was pressing too hard. In fact, I made it an exercise (one I need to keep doing) to learn how hard to press. Put the tuner on, tune the guitar, then press just enough that the note is in tune.

It is eye opening. I suspect many if not most beginners mash the strings.

If you want to check intonation, check using the harmonic at the 12th. It eliminates the variability of finger pressure.

Thanks guys I know about finger pressure so in this video I used minimum pressure
and to be able to keep the camera I use normal tuner. First I presss with fingers to see the tune
then I use harmonic , the harmonic gives me correct result see here

It might surprise you to know straight frets are not absolutely correct for intonation.

There’s an entire class of guitar that has wavey frets to fix this.

The only fret that should be about right is the 12th / harmonic, 1-2 cents off isn’t worth worrying about

Sorry, I am not a native English speaker so I might not have understood well.
Do you mean there is no perfect intonation on classical guitar?
Also, you say I do not have to worry about intonation because the Harmonic 12th is just 1 2 cents off?

Do you mean guitars with fanned frets?

Yes True Temperament guitars fix this but generally not popular.

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No thats different again! That’s about scale length

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OK Rob I ask you this question please
If you were in my shoes would you just leave the guitar alone and let it be? and do not concern about those sharp notes?

Wow, I’ve never seen/heard about wavy frets like that. Thanks for the clarification.

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Yes. It looks like your guitar is pretty spot on with the harmonic at the 12th fret. The guitar by nature is a compromise in temperament.

If it sounds fine, it probably is fine. If you are sensitive enough to hear and be annoyed by the small uneven temperament, you need to spring for one of those fancy wavy fret guitars and learn to fret it.

:slight_smile: LOL no for years I played the guitar and never felt any thing until now so no fancy wavy fret even looking at the picture makes me dizzy :slight_smile:

OH i have this question for you then why my other more expensive about 2000 dollars Yamaha classical guitar is much more perfect than this one. Though I see some sharp notes it is almost perfect . the 12 fret is excellent

The main problem with them is no one else you play with will sound the same

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I wouldn’t know the answer, but I would guess because it is made better. Maybe the frets weren’t crowned well, or located quite right?

If you are worried enough, take it to a good Luthier and see why they say.

Also, what strings are on it? Classical guitar strings sometimes affect intonation if they are not well made. It has to do with variations in the diameter of the string along its length.

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Yes I have a feeling that I need to change the string . I am using right now D’Addario Guitar Strings - Pro-Arte Classical Guitar Strings - EJ49 perhaps I should use hard tension on yamaha silent guitar , I will try next time. thanks so much for your replies :slight_smile:

Just put a reply on strings on your other thread. It appears I have opinions…:man_facepalming:t3: