My Ziggy…. He’s a cockatiel 😃

Anyone else got their own Ziggy?
Here’s mine… he can whistle the Adams Family :joy:


Jamming good with Weird and Gilly :rofl:


Does he peck the strings? That could be a source of injury there.

He looks at them very seriously but I try and keep him away on the whole.

I have 18, but they are in their aviary and I wont subject them to my 1 week of learning just yet. My Crimson Belly Conure likes to mute the E string though :slight_smile:

I think that is Justin’s dog’s name if I remember right. My friend has a bird like that named Freddy as in Freddy Mercury. He flys around the room to Queen songs lol.

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Welcome to the community Steve.

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Yes, there has been some serious string muting and chewing of music!