NAD: Udo Rösner Da Capo 75

This one was on my wish list for a couple of months.
With a few solo gigs coming up, this was surely a good time to decide :smiley:

It has some interesting features like a DI out for both channels (which I will be using for vocals and acoustic guitar).

I must admit that Tommy Emmanuel’s plea about this amp helped me convince but it surely wasn’t the only strong argument to convince me.

I still need to (video)demo my Maton so I guess I’ll make it a combo :wink:

Udo Rösner Da Capo 75


Happy NAD. That looks like a fantastic purchase. I look forward to hearing you play your new guitar using it and your review of it once you’ve had a chance to play with it.

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Dude’s got all the best new toys :smiley:

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Happy NAD Lieven !

Now if you are using it at tomorrow’s gig, then there is no excuse not to record the show. If only to hear the new kit. Ok you as well !!




Tomorrow is a Point Fifty show.
Good idea to try and record the next acoustic gig though!

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Yes please :smiling_face:

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Hi Lieven,
Happy Udo Rösner Da Capo 75 Day… :sunglasses:

I can hardly wait for a song with this…Actually live, but well, I’ll have to make do with a video for the time being :blush:

Looks great but would be more interesting to hear how it sounds! :grinning: happy new amp day!

Nice acoustic amp, probably one of the best portable amps available, serious bucks though!
I’ve been doing some serious thinking about a line 6 variax as part of a downsize in my possessions, I know its limitations but for my purposes it would be great!

Happy NAD Lieven, I hope it is everything you are wanting it to be.