Nathan's learning log

Hello here is my learning log.

I am 43 years old and decided to learn guitar just because I always listen to lots of music and wanted some sort of goals to hit.

June 2022, first mistake. I purchased a Martin Smith £70 acoustic guitar from amazon. It sounded dreadful even as a complete beginner I knew it hamper learning. I used it for a around two weeks, I started with horse with no name and wonderwall. Probably the worse way of learning but I just wanted to learn something I knew the tune well too and something to learn chords quickly.

After two weeks I purchased a Yahama F310. I couldn’t believe the sound difference for an extra £50 I wish I would of just spent all of the money in the first place.

I am lucky I can get to practice around 2-3 hours a day just about every day of the week. My finger tips do hurt most days.

I started by learning Oasis songs to pick up chords and muscle memory and using Justin’s app, Justin’s you tube videos and other online you tube guides.

Within a month I could play most of wonderwall, cast no shadow and most of champagne supernova and some of hotel california.

I struggled with a D chord for a few weeks then one day it just clicked and I think back now how did I take so long. But its just pure practice you get there without even realising it one day.

I found by learning songs you actually like really helped me progress and listening with headphones on and listening to the song two or three times in row first before the you try and play it really helped me.

I am around 7 months in now, I haven’t had any lessons at all. I can play Am, A, Asus2/4, C (just about), Caad9, D, Dm, Dsus4, E, Em, G, and a three finger F (if that is right)

I struggle with B chords and not even touched full barre chords yet.

I would say a can play around 10-15 songs now, not all from memory, I use the online chord sheets to follow as I play.

One of the things I think I’m getting into a bad habit is by playing a Caad9 if I know a G is too follow. I know you can get away with it on some songs but it doesn’t always sound as nice as a normal C.

A tip from me also if any other learners read this is, I always have my guitar near me, and it’s always on show in my lounge, never put it away in a spare room or something, keep it in sight.

So from now seven months in, I am going to practice my F / B chords and have a look at the barre chords.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading


That’s crazy awesome!!! Great stuff

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Hi Nathan,
Have fun here in “your place” :sunglasses:
But above all have fun with the F chord (and the B that one was more difficult for me)…okay, good luck at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s great :sunglasses:

Hi Nathan, nice to read your story! You already made great progress and with 2-3 hours of practice time you have a lot of time to invest into your playing! Keep on and have a lot of fun!

Hi again Nathan, good to read the extra details to your journey so far, you’re so right that songs are not only what gets you playing, but also keeps you playing!
Can I just ask, are you actually following Justin’s beginners course module by module or more taking the song lessons and learning your chords because of songs you are learning?
I would say to combine the two if you can, there’s alot of techniques and tip beyond chord shapes that are covered in the course that help to add to your foundation.
Either way, continue having fun :slight_smile:

Hi Nathan,
Good work ethic, and nice to hear about your progress.
Playing 2-3 hours is great, and hopefully 2-3 hours is split into smaller sessions of 30 minutes long.
This way, your fingertips will have some time to recover, and the callus will develop in time.
Keep on playing.

Hi Notter. Yes I do a bit of everything tbh. I don’t like too structured learning. I feel I get more out of watching Justin’s you tube tutorials and watching his hand movements, and he always provides you with an easier version of a chord if your a beginner.

Hi Rene, sorry I should of been more clear around my practice. You are correct. I will do around one hour in the morning, an hour late afternoon and half hour to an hour in the evening. I rotate songs I’ve learnt and practice chord shapes and changes without strumming.

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Hi Nathan, at this point that you have developed some great skills using your learning approach of going through select content of Justin Guitar, it may be helpful to do an at least quick review of the beginner grade lessons in an structured way to fill some gaps you may have, like perfecting you C chord.

Hi @nathguitar ,
Great to hear from you!
To me, the right hand, the strumming hand, if you are a right hander, is the more important hand in guitar playing.
Knowing the chords and the chord progressions, are one aspect, and you will be able to get them mastered. Strumming techniques and the softness/loudness of your strumming can really emote the heart and soul of a tune.
I truly believe in the development of the right hand, to include finger plucking techniques.
Keep on playing.