Navigating Justin's Various Teaching Modules

I would say I’m a beginner intermediate guitar player after completing all of Justin’s beginner modules.
I’ve registered for the free introduction to music theory but I’ve not paid for the full course yet.
The problem I’m having is navigating both the app and website to continue my musical developement with Justin who in my opion is one of the best guitar teachers on-line.
I am advancing now to the intermediate modules and like previously mentioned music theory.
Do I need to subscribe to both and is the app or the website the best place to access these course?
Lost in the myriad of tutorial videos please help me get back on track so I can schedule my daily guitar practise sessions.

Any help would be much appreciated!

My advice. At your level, ditch the app, use the website.
And use money the saved on the app for Justins great theory course. One of the very best around.

Cheers, Shane


Hi Susan,
I don’t know how often you need confirmation, but with important musical decisions probably more than one, so I say… I agree with what Shane writes above,

Welcome to the community and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:


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Welcome to the forum Susan
The app only goes to grade 3 so if you’re in grade 4 your passed what the app has to offer.

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