NBD - Epiphone EB-3

NBD as in new bass day. I have been toying with the idea of getting a bass for some time, but in the past month I got more and more convinced that it’s worth giving it a try.

The store where I bought most of my guitars has recently opened a space specializing in used guitars, basses, amps and pedals. I paid them a visit a few weeks ago and tried a few basses (see this post in my learning log) and had a feeling that it would not be impossible to get something out of one.

So today I made the big decision and bought this used cherry red Epiphone EB-3 along with the soft case under it:

It’s an interesting trivia that the original Gibson EB-3 (used by Jack Bruce, John Entwistle and Bill Wyman among others) was a short-scale (30.5") bass, but this is a full-scale one (34").

It’s a little head-heavy but otherwise pretty comfortable to play. My bass technique is pretty nonexistent as of now, but this bass sounds quite nice whether I pluck the strings with my fingers or use a pick.

I still need to get a dedicated bass amp. Until then, I use it with my guitar amp without cranking the volume up. I guess a bass amp will be a bit sturdier with a larger speaker so the lowest notes will also be clear. However, when I played with a higher gain on my guitar amp, it sounded almost like Bruce on live Cream recordings. I tried it with the auto-wah and I managed to get some madcap sounds out of it like in this song.

I was recommended the Boss Katana 110 amp which is a combo modeling amp that can also be used as an audio interface for recording. With 16 kilos it looks a bit heavy so if I buy one it will need a dedicated spot somewhere in the flat. I also want to buy a wider strap, preferably one that doesn’t slip easily on my clothes.

So it’s fun time again :smiley:


Hi József ,
Happy NBD :partying_face: :sunglasses: Sweet body


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What a looker, József! :star_struck: Happy NBD! :partying_face:

Wish you lots of fun exploring bass territory. :smiley:

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Great looking bass!
Let me recommend this Lekato strap.
Amazon.com: LEKATO Guitar Strap, Bass Straps for Electric Guitar with 3.3" Wide Sponge Pad for Effective Decompression Padded Bass Guitar Straps Adjustable Length from 42" to 58" with 2 Safety Locks & 6 Picks : Musical Instruments
I use them for my heavy guitars and the weight is nicely distributed.

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Nice Bass, I quite like that one myself but got a better deal on my Cort bass!
If weight and size is a problem for you, the Markbass amps are very good - compact and light plus great reviews.

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Loving that Jozef. Happy NGD. :sunglasses:

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Nice! Can’t go wrong following in the footsteps of those bass players! Very glad you know not to turn up the volume on your guitar amp, too. My husband bought a Fender Rumble 25 which he likes, but I don’t believe it’s got any recording interface capabilities. As far as I know you can’t go wrong with the Katana, I know I love my guitar version.

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Thanks for all the kind words and recommendations :slight_smile: I’ll definitely check that strap out. In the past 3 days I’ve been playing only this bass so my fingertips feel a little sore. Feels like old times :smiley:

I figured it would be better to have some structure to my bass learning as well, so I registered on TalkingBass which is a website somewhat like Justinguitar but for bass. There is quite a lot of content (various styles, music theory, sight reading, etc.), both free and paid. I think I’ll buy their starter pack and see where it takes me. Luckily, Justin’s PMT course covers a lot of ground so that’s already a little headstart for me.

Hey, thanks for mentioning this, my bass playing husband hadn’t heard of this one and is registering for it as we speak. :grinning:

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I’m glad to hear he likes it. I found so many YouTube channels focusing on bass, but this one seemed the closest to what Justin has been doing. I especially like the structure of the courses which is much like the guitar course over on the website.

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