Neck dive

Anyone recommend some way of modifying a strap to minimise neck dive?

I’ve bought a Blackstar carry-on travel guitar to use for practice as I spend a lot of time in hotels for work.

Don’t want to purchase an expensive leather strap for such a small practice guitar. Wondered if anyone had any home remedies or life hack type tips for something I can wrap around a strap to stop it slipping as much due to neck dive.

Many thanks!

You could try putting a few small pieces of stick on Velcro on it.

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You can hang a weight on the back if your strap. They sell them in music stores but any weight would work

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I had the same problem with my slim-bodied travel guitar where I needed a strap (even sitting) for it to be comfortable. I saw a good trick in this video (at 10:07) called a butt strap.

It’s not thought for playing standing up (albeit I tucked it in the back of my pants and it kinda worked too).

edit: I saw it’s an electric, so it may be a too weak on a solid body. I’ll leave it here anyway, may be worth a try.


Many thanks to the guys who’ve replied here, all good tips.

What I have done is tried tying the strap with a string above the nut the way you would country style on an acoustic and it’s worked a treat.

As this guitar is only for practice in private, this will do nicely for me as it’s remedied the issue straight away and balanced it up nicely.

Thanks again guys. I’ll bear all of your suggestions in mind for when I do eventually get an SG ( as I’m sure I will one day!)

@JimbobSquarepants I bought an Epiphone SG and did not notice any neck dive at all . Maybe they differ from guitar to guitar

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Mine dives pretty strongly. I have considered either the shoestring method Jim used, or drilling a new hole in the upper “horn” of the body for the strap button. That spot seems to be a good balance point.

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I only used the string method as this is essentially a bedroom practice guitar. If I had an SG I’d be looking at weights in the body cavity I think, or a very sticky strap!

I have heard though that some SG’s have very little issue with this while some are terrible.

It’s definitely distracting to say the least!

I’m using the “wider, stickier strap” method now. it is a bit heavy on the shoulder and not perfect. It still can slide down and needs a tug back into place. I wish I would have given this better consideration before placing my money on the counter. May have found one with better balance.

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Yeah, I love an SG. I have a Les Paul and a 335 but have always resisted SG’s due to this.

I know some people say you just get used to the weight and neck dive but I’d find it a huge pain in the ass to be honest.

just practice while sitting. i rarely use a strap.

I have moderate neck dive on my SG, compared to my Traveler Travelcaster where the neck dive is quite severe.



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