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I bought an Yamaha acoustic Cs 40 had a lot of trouble with my fingers on my left hand due to health issues took to local music shop they dropped the bridge and changed the strings was slightly better but still very painful found a local guy who deals with vintage and all sorts of guitars to see if he could do anything with my guitar,( Justin says an electric is better for a beginner I believe) anyway he told me not to waste any more money on my guitar as it will never be easy to play asked if I had ever tried an electric guitar so he gave me one to try wow what a difference with the fingers so I left then rang him back asked if he had any for sale so I bought one it is called a warmoth partscaster guitar, it has a warmoth body and a warmoth neck, it has a rub mark on the body but that’s ok BUT I don’t feel it’s for me I like to finger pick and I like country music, that’s why I bought the acoustic I don’t feel this one is suited to my needs but then I can’t play either just A,E,& D my husband has seen the quiet guitar on the internet my question is dose any own one or has a comment about them as it would be much appropriated I still feel an electric acoustic would be better as it has the steel strings. Better for my fingers and lighter to carry. We are going to the main city soon and I will be able to check them out. As we don’t have a very good range where we live.

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Check out the Yamaha Storia. Great beginner and up guitar. Low action, nice neck and easy to fret. It come with a piezo pickup for amplifying. Solid top, laminate back and sides in OM Size. The Storia 3 has solid Mahogany top and a nice bluesy sound.

Thank you Dave will have a look

Did you listen to any advice in your last thread?

You have 2 guitars now, one is an electric fender copy ( afik warmoth do decent, typically expensive, parts but that doesnt always result in a good or the right guitar). I’m guessing its a telecaster or stratocaster copy? Either way it’ll be fine to learn on as an electric

Ann it would be useful to get some background on how long you’ve been playing. Some discomfort in your fingers is normal when you first start ( in particularly soreness on the finger tips).

If you have a very cheap acoustic then I would definitely go into a store and try something better. Another thing to look at is the strings you are using. You can go to a lighter set of strings (9 or 10) which will make it easier on the fingers.

No I’m only a beginner but I have lymphoedema in my left arm hand and fingers that is why it hurts more than most other learners and not good for my condition but I have found with the electric guitar I have I can play for lot longer.which is great

Hi Ann

I only bought my first guitar in January, same time as I began learning. I picked up a Yamaha APX600. Went with my brother who is also a newbie. He’s a huge 6”3 unit, I’m 5”1 so he bought a Fender Dreadnaught. I like the sound of his however I equally enjoy mine and it’s so much easier to play, being a smaller bodied 3/4 guitar.

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Why don’t you consider a nylon guitar? A crossover nylon is easy to play, can play most of what you can on a steel string and will be far easier on your fingers. Perfect for fingerstyle.

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Hi Ann, I also have lymphedema in my left arm, and since June 2020 my left hand has been numb and tingly (always) and painful (sometimes). (That came after a severe cellulitis in my arm.) Both of those issues impact my guitar playing, so I know what you’re talking about. I often practice with my compression sleeve and gauntlet on. That took awhile to get used to, but it does seem to help. What helps the most though is respecting my limitations. I’d love to practice for an hour or more at a time but it’s very rare that I actually can. Shorter practice sessions more frequently works better for me for not bothering my arm as much. Maybe you could try either or both of these ideas. I hope you do find something that works for you.

FYI I play both an an acoustic and electric. I don’t find that one is better or worse for my lymphedema.


At first I didn’t realise that was why my fingers was hurting so much (I’m not a wimp) but boy don’t they hurt I’ve had it about about the same length of time as you mine is from melanoma. since learning to play I’ve learnt my limitations I do pick up the guitar everyday even if only to go through my cords and a strum pattern I’m learning. the electric guitar has helped so much with my finger it is amazing. I’m happy with my electric.

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@annbin I’ve actually had lymphedema in my arm for ~ 25 years (due to breast cancer), with my hand and fingers involved so much just for a couple of years. That’s great if your electric guitar can help, I think music can help with everything :slightly_smiling_face: Keep at it, and have fun :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: Post something up in AVOYP when you’re ready - I just checked your profile and I see you just picked up a guitar a couple of months ago - it’s a wonderful journey enjoy yourself, and welcome to the Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry didn’t go into it but a mole on my back then went into 11 lymph nodes under the arm they where removed now metastatic I love music I would have started playing a long time ago but always thought you needed to be able to read it :smile: you don’t :smile::smile::smile::+1:

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Well it’s good that you figured out now you don’t need to be able to read music!!