Need better focus

Hey all,

I have been playing for a couple of years now but with three kids my time is limited at the moment so i want to focus a bit more. My favourite genres are rock and blues but i cant really decide between the two.I am considering to follow blues courses and learn the rock style by learning songs. Would that be a viable option?
To follow a blues course to learn blues and at the side learn rock songs? Or wouldnt that be enough at the rock side of learning?

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A lot if the blues lead is being used in rock as well and learn a bit of both is just as good. Don’t see this as OR but as AND but if you have limited time, try combining learning 1 technique with one or two songs and keep coming back to learned techniques to include them in the songs you are learning.

I think this is more a thing of planning and making smart choices without limiting yourself to one certain style. Don’t learn vertical pillars one by one but apply a thin but broad layer of your skills, over and over again and you’ll build up a broad base on which you can build. All things you do will benefit from that


With three kids, you make a band. Family time AND practice time! What could go wrong?

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Welcome, @Gino0603 !

That would be a great idea but the oldest is 5 the next one 2 and the third one is just a few weeks old. Forming a band has to wait a couple of years.

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I agree don’t see it as blues or rock but one thing many great rock bands play blues stile in there music or have blues backgrounds. pick your favourite artists look at them for inspiration. I did this with the likes of Gary Moore and Angus Young. to name just two although there are loads .
Good luck

I don’t know, kinda would fit with my skill level.:man_facepalming:t3:

Hey Gino

This sounds like a great plan to me.
What I find is that when learning songs, it’s easier to pick up from where you last were even if it’s been a few days or weeks since you last practiced. I also find learning and playing familiar songs a bit more relaxing and rewarding, sometimes that’s what you need :slightly_smiling_face:

I tend to look at the course work if I find myself with a bit more time than usual .

Agree with the sentiment that rock has its roots in blues so you can’t go wrong either way really. Have fun :guitar:

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