Need Help, Cant edit chord directory in "One Minute Changes" app

l created a chord diagram in the “One Minute Changes” app incorrectly and need to change or delete the diagram but can’t seem to edit/delete it. Some diagrams in the chord directory are grayed out and have an associated red trash can icon in lower right. Those diagrams that are grayed out and have trash can icon seem to be editable but some chord diagrams are not grayed out and have no associated trash can symbol and I cant edit/delete them. How are you supposed to fix entry errors for diagrams that are not grayed out and have no trash can symbol for deleting diagram

Pretty sure the ones you can’t edit are the built in ones, my app is the same.

Thanks so much for reply. What you said makes sense. Im a bit confused by one of the “build in” diagrams. In Beginner Course, Module 9, F Chord Cheats, Justin introduces the chords Fmaj7 and Fmaj7/C. The diagram for this chord appears to be exactly the same as the “built in” diagram for Fmaj7 chord. I think the built in diagram for Fmaj7 is incorrect in that this chord should only use strings 1 thru 4 (as stated in Module 9, F Chord Cheats) with strings 5 and 6 not being played yet the built in diagram shows the 5th string, 3rd fret (C) as being part of the chord. I believe playing this note makes the Fmaj7 into Fmaj7/C. The “One Minute Changes” App chord directory and Module 9 Beginners course seem to be in conflict. Am I thinking right? Any comments would be appreciated.

I went through the exact same thought pattern with this one @llbaker2.

Both those chords are made up of the same notes - F, A, C and E. So they’re both Fmaj7. I think Justin just differentiates between them in the course so they’ve got different names, and because most of the time (not all the time!) the bass note is the defining note of the chord but not with the Fmaj7/C voicing.

The app you’re using (and I also use) is an older one, I assume in his previous beginners course Justin taught the C bass note fingering for FMaj7.

Some music theory and another little trick - a major chord is made up from the 1st, 3rd and 5th of the scale. In F that is F, A and C. Adding the 7th, E, makes it Fmaj7. If you mute the thinnest E string in Fmaj7 when playing it - you’ve taken out the E and got just plain F again. Useful and some songs use that F chord too.