Need help, my first electric guitar

Hello community, i am finally leaping forward to buy my first electric guitar.

After quite some research, i have chosen NEWEN STRATOCASTER (SINGLE COILS) and MARSHALL MG15GR as the amplifier.

This is the most my budget can handle.
This guitar is made in argentina.

It is not available in any of the local stores therefore i need to order online, but im a little scared of anything going wrong.

Please share your thoughts regarding these 2 choices and if you are experienced please search about it and let me know your thoughts. It is really essential for me to be guided correctly as i have no teacher to do so.

Hi Avleen,
Maybe this helps ?


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I’m afraid I don’t have experience with those particular guitars or amps. However have you considered buying second hard? I buy most of my guitars second hard - you should get a lot more bang for your buck, although the choice maybe smaller. Perhaps you could find a secondhand Squire Classic Vibe (I’ve got a classic vibe Tele (I got it very cheap as ‘B’ stock as the shop had dropped it, and it’s great).
If you are buying online, I’d make sure there is a good returns process just in case.
Also, if at all possible I’d save some budget to have it set up, as this could make all the difference. If budget doesn’t allow then a Strat style guitar should be fairly easy to set up and you could tackle most of it yourself with help from the forum / youtube.
Best of luck finding a guitar - I hope you have loads of fun with whatever you get.

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I highly appreciate you getting out of your way to send me this link but i have watched most of what is available on youtube.

I was looking for some personal opinions.

Also, do u believe many of the guitar review videos on youtube are sponsored?

A oke I understand that well …
I certainly think that a lot of videos have been sponsored and often by very good guitar players with good amplifiers… so you have to pay close attention to who is recommending what… I have had good experiences with Justin (duh :smile:), Paul Davids and “The Captain” Andertons .

But I’m afraid these people haven’t tested your guitar (I’ll take a look too), and hopefully someone with your guitar preference will soon be able to say something useful here.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

From minute 17 he also says something that I think is very important

But with a good chance of not helping you with this at all and possibly increasing the stress of the choice again I say sorry… but I would have liked to have seen this video 3 and a half years ago

Yeah I’ve seen this one.
Well, for a few years my choice too was yamaha pacifica 012 before newen strat came in.
Who knows if i may have to settle for yamaha as they are locally available.

But i was longing for a good looking guitar and yamaha is just , well not like a classic strat.

250 dollars might be less but the guitar and amp combo will cost me 30,000 in indian rupees.

Avleen where are you based?
If you’re in India, check the local laws but you might have to pay import tax, local VAT and other duties.
What’s your total budget?
What stores are available at your location? Thomann? Amazon?
More importantly, you said you’re afraid of doing anything wrong. What do you think can go wrong? What are you worried about?

When I was choosing my first electric several years ago the Yamaha was on my short list until I decided I wanted a tele. I ended up with a Squier Classic 50s Vibe. Both the Yamaha and the Squier get consistently good reviews (and yes, you mostly can’t trust reviews, but I also trawled the forums for personal recommendations).

But your key phrase here is “locally available”. You need to be aware that these are mass-produced instruments and quality control is not very high. So if you order one to be shipped to you it will be a lottery. In my case the Squier had an E string that sounded like a sitar and I had to take it to a local luthier to be adjusted. If I had tried it in a shop I would have rejected it. It was also remarkably heavy - again you can only get a feel for this personally. It did me fine for a few years, but I have now upgraded to a better (and lighter!) guitar.

So my strong recommendation would be to go with what is locally available, so you can check it out in person. Good luck with it!

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Since you have been playing for quite some time, may i request you to check out the newen strat and see if it’s a good pick maybe?

I’d never heard of Newen guitars. According to their website they don’t export to Australia.

I have never found watching someone shred a guitar on YouTube tells me much (in fact, nothing at all).

Might be fine. As I said, it is a lottery so the question is… do you feel lucky? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Avleen, which budget brand electric guitars ARE available in your local stores?

I bought my Dean Zelinsky Tagliare online, because Dean only sells online or in his own showroom in the Chicago area. He doesn’t sell through dealers because he wants to maintain complete control.

I was very fortunate, because I had no clue what I was doing, and the guitar was great when it arrived. Also, Dean has a “no questions” return policy. But yes, buying sight-unseen carries risk.

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Yamaha pacifica 012.

Good question.
Not 100% lucky or else i wouldn’t be asking this stuff.

OK. I’m looking at the Newen ST and Yamaha Pacifica 012 side-by-side on my laptop and they look identical except for the bridge pickups and the Yamaha only having one tone knob. The Yamaha certainly looks like my Fender Strat (in the picture anyway).

Personally I would buy the guitar I can pick up and play over a mail order model.

Sir if you look closely the yamaha doesn’t look like a classic strat, in my eyes newen more so.
You see I’m already drawn to newen, but can’t make a final call due to offline unavailability.

Yep that tells you they can shred.

Might be easy might be fighting the guitar, who knows.

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So, can you tell us… are you buying the guitar to play, or just to look at?

Well i dont plan to keep it only for a few months or a year, so look matters in that case.

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