Negotiating the Apps

Truth is that I’m spending time trying to find my way through the app( various) for information I need ex: Accounts status, if I pay the annual annual why can’t I get to the Tabs etc,that I could be playing.So I’m leaving a lot of info I could use.Iuae the lessons with J. because he is very good . It’s frustrating .Do the Hardcopy songbooks include tabs?

Hi sorry to hear about any frustrations.

Here you will find a link to the products

You will see apps, premium courses, books, jam tracks, merch, and tabs. These products are above and beyond the free beginning courses.

I personally have purchased the app and a songbook. Neither contain the tabs. You get the chord needed. This is more focused for beginning guitar and not soloing. It serves its purpose really well for beginners to learn and know the chords.

However, you’re in luck. In the products<tabs you will be able to purchase tabs for over 275 songs.

I have not tried this because I’m not at that level yet. It looks like there is a $50 annual or $8 monthly and a free trial. This annual fee gets you all the info but no play along.

The app annual fee gets you the play along feature but no tabs. Read the link for more details.

I hope this helps you.


Yes it does. Thanks