Neil Young Old Man Cover by 9 year old JustinGuitar fan


First post on the JustinGuitar forum. I starting getting into guitar years ago and Justin has always been my goto guitar teacher, with amazing lessons and materials. In more recent years though I’ve discovered that my enthusiasm for guitar doesn’t always match my ability, and my now 9 year old son, who has been learning with me for the past few years, is likely to be the real musician in the family. Here’s a video of one of his recent Justin taught songs:

Thanks for reading!



Hey Thomas. That’s really impressive! Top stuff. Welcome to the forum and the biggest vote of encouragement for your son, he’s definitely well and truly on his way!!!

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Well done had the wife singing along. Wish I started at 9.:relaxed:

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Just recently, I read an article where a famous guitarist was asked his #1 tip for becoming a really good player. He said “start when you’re eight years old.”

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Hit giggety dog Thomas, you have a musician in the family!
That’s so heart warming and just a terrific video share.

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Loved your son’s performance, Thomas. Well done for helping with his musical development.

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Hi Thomas,
Good that you are stepping out of the shadows,…even if it is your son who is in the light :clap: :sunglasses: :bouquet:,… would you like to thank this young fellow on my behalf for his performance…

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What a talented young man you’ve got there Thomas. That was terrific. A future rock star no doubt about it! Love the hat too. :smiley:

This video should be tagged and then shown to all the people who post about what guitar should I buy as I’ve got small hands, short arms etc. Your son is managing superbly on what looks like a full sized one.

Thank you very much for the feedback @sairfingers. The guitar is indeed a full size OM model. A few months back we upgraded him from a 1/2 size to a full scale length but with a smaller body (OM). He’s very comfortable with this and much prefers the sound of this one - his enthusiasm has generally increased with this over the smaller one as it actually seems far easier to play (well).

In retrospect, this is the age of starting guitar that one regrets not doing. Good show, keep it up and may your journey be long and full of fun.

Hey @roger_holland - thank you, I’ve told him his performance was enjoyed! While I wish I had his ears and could pick everything up so quickly, it’s super rewarding to watch him progress and I’m very willing to be a roadie one day! :sunglasses:

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Thomas, that was wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing. Please tell your son that he gave a great performance I hope he has a lifetime of music ahead of him. Many here, including myself, wish that we had started to learn as early as he is. :clap: :clap:

Very impressive Thomas and a big congratulations to your son on an excellent performance! He has a big future ahead!!!

WOW! Great! Wish I started that age and had a dad like you :wink: Keep on strumming guys :slight_smile:

What good playing, quite amazing considering your son is just 9!

This was really good for a 9 yo, well done to your boy Thomas!

Oh boy. That is brilliant to see. What a little champion.

Fantastic Trenty, we are very proud of you!!!
Gacee & Gaga

Thank you all for the wonderful feedback and response to this post - what a wonderful community! We’ve being using Justin’s lessons and products for years, but I really should have visited the forums sooner.

I’ve passed on all the wonderful feedback to Trent. He started playing Ukulele at age 6, but quickly moved over to guitar and has managed to mostly keep it up since then. In the last few months it really feels like we’ve reached the point where practicing ends with performing, which really helps to keep up the enthusiasm.

To close out the Neil Young thread, here’s a version of Heart of Gold recorded a few months back (with harmonica):

Thanks Justin!


Wow that was amazing!!! Very nice!!! :slight_smile: Wish i started at that age as well haha! Hes doing really good!