Neural DSP Morgan Amp Suite

So this is new out and I grabbed the 14 day trial, its 100 euro or 80 if you are an existing customer

Has 3 amps - an AC20 ( vox ac30) a PR12 ( fender princeton) and a SW50R (Dumble something)

Also has a comp, 2 OD’s, trem, reverb, tape delay and an EQ, the usual cab/IR sim stuff with mics

Its a blues/jazz/church/country focused plugin , given they have the whole prog metal thing covered thats not so bad. Not had a heap of time to play but found a few fun presets so far ( Jose Delux and Red Special Rhythm )

Also has the mod cons of modern NDSP sims, transpose, tuner, metronome and stereo doubler etc

One new cool feature I dont have on Petrucci is there is a live tuner option

This shows a live tuner in the lower left whilst your playing , I’ve found this great to check if I am pressing too hard on the electric (a habit after playing the acoustic a lot) and it seems great for really nailing your bend notes. Way more useful addition than expected.

Dont know if I am going to buy this tbh but I have another 2 weeks to play with it


OK been playing with this a bit more and…

I’ve decided I dont particularly like the amps. I dont think they are doing what they are supposed too.

The effects are good, and some presets are very usable with those but the foundations I am just not grooving with at all. So probably wont buy this one myself.

Thanks for the heads up.

Me, as a old goat, I just grew up with plain ol amps.
I like plain ol amps.
High tech is passing me by… Sometimes, I’m good with that.

Hey Rob,

Wondering if you’ve ever tried S-Gear by Scuffham Amps. Highly respected, been around a long time, and the most sublime tones I’ve come across. I’ve been using it exclusively for about a year and a half now.
There’s a 7 day fully functional trial. The licensed cost is $129AUS which is a steal.

Cheers, Shane

Thanks , I’ll give it a go, pretty happy with Archetype Petrucci on the whole but its not got a great classic edge of breakup blues sound

Hey @RobDickinson @sclay … Do you guys use plugins exclusively for all your playing or just recording? I’ve been half toying with the idea, but wondered if the faff was worth it. Do you use midi footswitches or just go to the laptop for effect switching (can you loop?)? Do you use an FRFR cab? Would you play live with that setup?
Sorry for a bunch of questions, but it’s been on my mind for a little while!

I also have a gtx-100 to play through, more an amp/pedal sim in a box with a 100w amp/frfr and pedals.

I’ll use that if I want that bit

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Thanks Rob, that makes sense

Hey Paul,

I now use the S-Gear suite for all my practice, playing, and recording. I input the S-Gear suite into Reaper, ie. VST mode, and operate everything from there. Pretty much limitless options.
For output, I use some Audio Technica M40x headphones, and a pair of KRK Rokit 5 G4 Studio Monitors. Does everything I need, sounds awesome to me, and have been very happy with this setup for almost 18 months now.
The additional, and significant benefit for me
is that everything is in one place, including other software like Guitar Pro, Moises, OBS etc, which I use regularly, so I’m never wasting time with setup, moving things around etc. Everything’s permanently in place, and most processes are pretty seamless. As for live playing, I’ve used this setup for JGs open mics. I’ve never played ‘live’, but have heard of many who do regularly. Looking to buy a midi footswitch soon, when funds permit, and when my procrastination subsides. :nerd_face:

Cheers, Shane

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I only use amp sim and it sounds great at any volume. Having everything in one place as outlined by Shane is definitely great.

Regarding footswitch, it works great to change presets at the middle of a song to get from a clean to OD sound for example. And you can even have a looper plugin in the DAW that works with the midi footswitch. Though, when working with footswitch/looper, the setup in the DAW get more complicated and you have to follow a few Youtube tutorials. It took me a few hours to get right.

Thanks Shane - that sounds like a great set up!