New addition to the rules & etiquette and guidance for Community Recordings (AVOYP etc.)

NEW GUIDANCE January 2023

The Community Recordings category has become extremely popular as the Community has grown in its first year since moving from the old forum. In response to the quantity of new topics, we now ask that all members manage their own topics according to this simple guidance.

  • Please limit yourself to only one new topic per calendar month.
  • You may add more than one upload in a single topic - either all in the first post or spread through the topic as it grows with comments and replies from others.
  • You can edit the first post in your topics and paste a self-referencing link to the appropriate post number if a new upload is posted part way down the topic (ask if you unsure how this works).

Moderator Richard_close2u is in the process of doing a little retrospective tidying so if your previous topics are edited then this is the rationale behind it.

Please see the update in context here.

We have also revised the use of Subcategories in the Community Recordings parent category. Take a look here for an overview of all the other Subcategories in addition to AVOYP: New addition to the rules & etiquette and guidance for Community Recordings (AVOYP etc.) - #6 by Richard_close2u



So could I start a topic “my Feb avoyp’s”.
And post more than 1 video in this topic-thread?
Is the point not create so many different topics by one person?

I’m not really sure what you mean by paste a self- referencing link to the appropriate post number.
Do you have an example?

I think that’s the plan Jason👍

If you click on the post time stamp it pops up with a link, so I guess that would point down to the ‘latest’ song if you put it in the top of your thread.


Yes x 3 :slight_smile:

Supposing you were going to do that in your January AVOYP topic (no need now January has passed) here: Handle with Care - work in progress

It currently has 9 posts. Supposing you added a new video which would be post #10.

I will demo with post #9 a reply from SgtColon.
Click on the chain icon under the post:
This pop-up appears:

Click on the Orange button to copy the link:

It turns green with a white tick.

Return to your Original Post #1 and edit by clicking the pen icon:

If you want to write a little preamble to the new recording (for example … here’s a recording I uploaded on 17th February blah blah blah) then you could write the artist - song title.
You can make the artist / song title be active as the link to the new post by highlighting the text you typed, clicking on the chain icon above your edit window to insert a hyperlink then pasting the link you have just copied.

Note - the copied text from clicking the orange button will have some superfluous info at the end which you can choose to delete all the way back to the ? which appears immediately after the post number in the url.


Awesome thanks!!. That’s what I needed

Additional update …

The parent category is now called:

Community Recordings

Within that are a number of subcategories.

The general AVOYP subcategory for recordings of your learning, progress, achievements and simply having fun playing your guitar.

The Playing Live subcategory for recordings of you at Open Mic events or playing a gig, solo or in a band etc. Any recording out in public.

Collaborations-Bands-Projects is for recordings that you make in collaboration with others - in-person or remotely using the interweb.

Guitar Challenges is a fun section where topics are themed and the challenge is to yourself.


Original Songs is where you can upload your own compositions.
The moderators hope to retrospectively populate this with originals already posted elsewhere.

When uploading to any of the Community Recording areas, please make sure you post within a subcategory so the moderators do not need to move posts around.