New amp changing the sound

I got a new amp for xmas, marshall 10 watt practise amp, and am loving the tone and sound. I also use a zoom multi effect pedal and because my old amp was just a cheap amp from a kit I had the pedal set up using amp models to get the sounds I wanted. With the new amp all of the effects sound completely different so the sounds i spent ages setting up all need setting up again! While it is fun setting these up and adjusting them to get the right sound, it also takes away from already limited practise time

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Just set yourself some time to go through the FX settings on the Zoom away from practice, even if its one FX a day. Tweak that for 5 minutes no more. Spend the rest of the time for practice and exploiting the new amp. My old GFX707 came with mostly OTT factory FX and its now 20 years old and had been neglected but last year I finally went back and set up the 30 User settings to my liking. Just took my time over a few weeks and now have a good set up. Yeah the other 30 factory ones are still pants but they can be quick adjusted for use even if they are not saveable



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Yep, that’s completely normal. Effects can sound different with different guitars, different amps, et cetera. Heck, some effects (like germanium fuzz pedals, for example) even sound different if you change your guitar cable.

As a side comment, that’s one reason to take effect audio clips in youtube, etc. with a grain of salt. The ultimate sound depends on the other links the chain.


Hey there! Just enjoy the process. Getting a tone you like is a fun exploration of one of the aspects of playing electric guitar.

What is time? I have no agenda. I am learning guitar, so whether it is playing the songs, running quick changes, strumming until even the dog leaves the room, working out the triads again, or mucking with the duration of reverb, it doesn’t matter. It is all good. Enjoy where you are and do what you enjoy!