New Amp Day (NAD?)

I’ve been wanting a Yamaha THR10-II for awhile (out of stock pretty much everywhere) and finally found one; it just arrived. This is replacing the $99 Vox Pathfinder I’ve been using since the start and I feel like it’s ideal for me at this point…it ought to complement my new guitar nicely. This is not the wireless version; didn’t see the need since I’m using it in my office only. :wink:


Congrats on the new amp! Those new THR amps are pretty nifty.

Great amp, you’ll have some fun with that :+1::metal:t2:

Happy NAD Scott ! 345


I have both the THR10ii and the Vox Pathfinder (15R). IMO they are quite different beasts. The THR is an ideal practice amp and you will have a lot of fun.

But the Pathfinder is great too. Personally I think it needs to be played a lot louder than the THR to get the best from it, which means it’s less useful for “bedroom-level” practice.

If you have the space and don’t need the funds, I would recommend keeping the Pathfinder around. They are great little amps at what they do. I don’t use mine very often, but I think I would regret selling it.



This is exactly what I’ve found with the Pathfinder; it wants the volume and sometimes, that’s just not ideal. I’ve got no plans to get rid of it right now.

Just finished a practice session with the THR and, wow, loving the bluetooth feature! It sounds really nice too!

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Great choice Burnspot. I have the wireless version and love it. Every time I use it I am so pleased with how it sounds. I have not explored it’s full potential using the software/app but sounds great straight out of the box and really easy to tweak to get the sound you want. I think it looks pretty cool too and great for travelling with.

Yep, I’ve been really happy with it so far and enjoy being able to play the metronome and beginner app through it. I gave the wireless version some serious thought, but just couldn’t picture a scenario where I’d be taking advantage of it. I suspect it’s super handy though.