New Area in Social for NGD

In Social can I suggest a new section for NGD, always thought it would be good to have all the new guitar and gear posts in one place and with a new broom could be an opportunity to do that. Call it New Gear or whatever to cover most things but with a rider for the type of post that are permissible - like an assorted bag of Skull Picks don’t count.

I see pro’s and cons in the idea and I also wonder this could be a part of the Road case?

I think this is quite tricky to figure out. Need to strike a balance between the structure and how people engage, both posting and reading.

For example, I am pretty sure I have seen many posts in the Just Chatting about Gear from people who don’t have a Road Case.

Also I think some people have setup notifications on the Forum and don’t review all new posts but rather just read based on notifications. That obviously reduces the number of posts seen, but can lead to missing things that might have been of interest.

I’m still getting a handle on how to work with this new Platform to be able to have the experience I want, which would be based on The Forum but also being open to new possibilities.

So you could recreate a Category like Just Chatting and start some of the popular topics there again, but shouldn’t just re-build the old Forum on a new platform without considering all the new possibilities that may improve the experience.

Good point bout the NGD posts of people not sporting a Roadcase.

There is a #social:just-chatting category already though.
To me, it’s more of a #gear-tools-talk thing to post in?

I don’t feel the need to overstructure NGD yet. If people want it structured, they sohuld create a Roadcase thread. I think it is more relevant to link the new gear to the person or make it findable in the gear categories.

Don’t forget that people can make it in one place and easily link it in another.

Makes sense Lieven.

I guess things will develop organically and as usage grows then you may have to do some reorganising.

That’s part of the philosophy, expand the ohuse where needed instead having a castle with empty wings :wink:

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Just tossing ideas out there at the moment.

David makes some good point, I think the % of members who have Roadcases is pretty low (gut feeling) and NGD has tended to crop up more in Just Chatting anyway. As I say just a thought and when I unpack my Thomann packages, I’ll have a think where to share their contents. :wink:

Jumping Jack Flash it’s a GAS GAS GAS

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Chortle, chortle but hey its nearly Christmas and I was asked if I wanted anything !


I think to many subcategories just makes the forum harder to navigate.
There are already about 250 and the forum isn’t open to the public.
There are 5 or 6 in The Social area where I think there should just be one.

Just Chatting covers everything from NGD to your vacation or what a cute
new puppy you got. No need to break up idle chit chat.
If you have a Road Case and want to keep track of you New Gear and posts on AVOYP
that’s fine. You post will show up under new posts anyway so it doesn’t really matter
where the OP put it.

The real problem is people posting in the wrong category making Richard and Lieven job
a lot harder by having to move posts all the time.
I try and do my part by bringing it to their attention when I see posts in the wrong place
But then again I may be part of the problem and not the solution.


Gotta agree, there’s a lot going on here with the amount of categories available making it a little daunting to navigate at first.

How about using tags for topics like they commonly do on Reddit? So if you’re posting an NGD thread, format your topic title like so:

[NGD] Christmas came early! Check out my new Ibanez

That way tags can be searched for and can give categories a semblance of structure.

the community has its own tag system but honestly; I think you guys might be overthinking structure too soon on this ^^

You’re probably right Lieven.
I know I said to many sub categories was a bad thing except in the Gear section.
There should be one for electric Guitars and one for Acoustic Guitars. Right now
there’s just guitar.
When beginners ask questions about their guitars they tend to assume you know
what kind (acoustic or electric) they have.

On the old forum I’ve seen meaningful answer to a question only the the OP says
but my guitar is an acoustic. So it would save time if they had to post in one or the other.

If they post it in the wrong one we can politely suggest they post in the proper section

I would also suggest that NGD goes in Road Case.
If few people have a Road Case we can easily highlight them and encourage people do create one pretty soon after arrival in the Community.
New people then may feel more invested in their space and become more generally involved and active too.

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