New beginner - how many lessons should I complete in a day?

how many lessons should we complete a day?


Hi Swathi, welcome!!

Whilst there’s no set number really I’d say the course, certainly over grades 1 and 2 is geared to doing all lessons in one module in one go, the practice routines at the end of each module are designed to be your regular practice for all lessons in that module. There’s no harm maybe looking at a couple of lessons ahead for interest but for dedicated practice that’s what I did and would advise.

Have fun!!


Hello Swathi, and welcome to the community :hugs:.
Regarding your question: I normally watch all lessons of a new module in one go. All by Justin suggested exercises will then form my new practice routine (accompanied by exercises I want to do additionally), which I’m doing until I feel I meet the requirements to move on.



You may also find yourself doing fewer lessons later in Grade 2 and in Grade 3 (probably further, but I am only in Grade 3). By then, some of the techniques will take some concentrated effort, you should also be cleaning up things that you still need work on from previous lessons, and you should have songs to play. These things will be taking up some time, so lesson progress will be a bit slower.

how about just 1 tops and consolidating and practicing what you’ve learned before.

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. --Bruce Lee –


Personally, I watch a few videos and stop. I practise for a few days what I just watched on those videos on top of everything else that I want/need to practise and I move on to the next videos only when I feel the information has settled in my brain and my fingers.
(Having said that sometimes I peak at other videos above my current grade if I need to learn something for specific song.)
The amount of videos I watch depends on the amount and kind of information there is in the videos.
That works for me.

Genuinely its not a race, its about learning and muscle memory, getting strength and dexterity into your hands, your fingertips hardening up etc

If you can play for hours and remember what is taught and put it into practice crack on, otherwise take it steady

I watch all of the videos/lessons for one module on a Sunday and take notes. Then I practice that module for 2 weeks before watching another set on that Sunday, etc. I’m only on module 4, but it’s working well I think. At this rate I’ll finish the beginner modules this calendar year and get through all of the intermediate modules next year. I’m sure plenty of people go faster than that, but I’m excited about that plan.