New beginner Ken in Southampton UK

I’m Ken from Southampton and new to this forum.
I am 66yrs old and after years of wishing I could play guitar decided 6months ago to give it a go.
Looking on the internet there was so many people offering to teach but none with a structured approach, that was until I found Justin guitar and it was just what I was looking for. I am now on module 6 of beginner 1 and practicing daily, some days better than others but I know it’s not a quick thing and keep telling myself that it will come just keep practicing.
To give myself some incentive I purchased a Epiphone Gibson Les Paul and a Marshall Amp but mainly use my acoustic guitar till I get better at playing


Welcome to the forum Ken. You won’t go far wrong with Justin as 1000s have proven over the years.
Enjoy the ride.


Hey Ken, welcome to the forum. Be careful, acoustic playing can get addictive! Look forward to hearing more from you

Welcome to the forum Ken

Hi Ken, good luck with your guitar journey, great decision to give it a try. Your in for a lot of fun. It will come, as you say just got to keep practicing and also be patient with yourself. Best wishes Alan

Welcome aboard, Ken! :smiley:

Wish you loads of fun on your guitar journey! :slight_smile:

Cheers - Lisa

Ken, welcome to the community forum. You have come to the right place for structured learning. You’ll be using that Epiphone Les Paul more as you progress through modules.

Welcome Ken,
I wish you a lot of fun and a lot of playing :sunglasses:

welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome Kenny,
Pleased for you picking up your guitar again, after your 6mth sabbatical… :+1:t2::+1:t2:
Acoustic and electric will keep you busy, particularly weight training with your LP … :wink:
Plentiful opportunities for both in JG.
Have fun … :sunglasses:


Welcome to the group.


Thanks for the warm welcome and all the words of encouragement.
Can anyone advise me about my chord changes it’s mainly the D chord I started with first finger second finger followed by ring finger which was fine and have managed around 60+ changes from A to D in a minute but when it comes to changing from C to D or G to D ring finger is always last to go down making my changes stutter and therefore slower .Do I need to perservere and keep practicing this sequence or is there a different way that is a quicker way of forming the D chord.
Any advice would be appreciated
Cheers Ken

Hi Ken, welcome. You can try air changes, shaping the chord in the air close to the strings without touching them and when you have all fingers ready then press the strings. It’s just an exercise for muscle memory that you can alternate with your other exercises, not for actual playing. Have fun,

Thanks for the advice I will give that a try, the trouble i have is getting third finger In place at the same time as first and second fingers but I know with practice this will change I have already see a change when doing my 1 minute chord changes.
I’m off to try some air chords now :grinning:

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Hi Ken, welcome to the group. Yes it does come with practice. All of a sudden you will realise it is going well and you will wonder ‘when did that happen?’

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Hi Tony
Yes that’s what I’m hoping.
When I think back to May when I first got my guitar and the only tune I got out of it was if I knocked it against the chair I can see the progression I have made😃