New edition of PMT workbook - Contents page needs correcting


Is it just me or the table of contents of the new workbook is wrong?

Table of Contents
30-31 Blank Note Circle
32-33 Blank Fretboard up to 12th Fret
34-43 Quiz
44-51 Quiz Answers

while the document contains 28 pages.

It’s correct. When you print the doc, it prints two pages per sheet of paper. That accounts for the discrepancy you see. Looking at the page numbers on each page, the TOC is correct!

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Ok for the page numbers. However, the table of contents starts with pages 30-31 as you can see on the screenshot:

(and BTW I can’t click on an item to go directly to the pages)

Oh dear, I didn’t even notice that! :flushed: Laryn @larynejg, is this by design?
I did notice, though, that the TOC is not hyperlinked to the actual pages. That would be nice to have, but fortunately the doc isn’t too long.