New forum software off to rocky/annoying start

Yep, Spend time on a forum when we should be playing guitar!

As do we all. The learning and the playing is and always has been key. Its function is mainly to ask questions or help fellow students I don’t even see the mods spending all their time on here. Use it when you need to, otherwise happy playing :smile:

An hour a day and more some days. :wink:


I worked with information system software for about 25 yrs, 15 as a customer, 10 for a vendor. With new versions, etc., I made up an admittedly bad acronym/abbreviation for complaining customers: YGUTI

You’ll get used to it.

Seemed to apply in most cases.

Sounds fair, more on weekends. Maybe I am doing it all wrong. But gives me an excuse for my play and rate of learning :rofl: