New forum software off to rocky/annoying start

Posted this cranky rant in the old forums:

I got back in, clicking ‘Update Profile’ or ‘Update Password’ breaks everything, can’t even hit the back button once that’s done.

The new site is WAY too smartphone friendly, to the point that it’s actually annoying for me to use on my PC. The alternating grey and white in the post listings was a good design, now it’s just hard to read. I dunno, maybe it looks good on a smartphone. Do that many people interact with forums using smartphones? Am I getting old? That’s possible, old and cranky.

The trust level system looks designed to promote elitism which I predict “better than you” attitudes creeping in on these forums as they have on those with similar systems (will take 5 years or more, but it’ll happen). Even using the term “TRUST Level” sounds arrogant. “Member Level” would have sounded less snobbish.

The alternating grey and white in the post lists is missing, and it really should be there to make it easier to read. I don’t like just a white background on database-type lists like that (which I stare at all day already), seems unprofessional to me.

Anyway, I could sit here and criticize all day but I’d rather not :) I still like people here and don’t want to burn bridges. Seems to me like nothing was added (in the forum department anyway), just changed to be less functional on the platform I use and more-so on smartphones. Ugh. And the trust level thing, ugh, very put-offish.

The rest of the site design looks interesting so I suppose I’ll just have to get use to it.

Oh, if you try to make a post with a title less than 15 characters if gives an error message, then it re-gives the error message each time you add a letter to the title. So if you delete the title and try to start over.


Can’t say much in reply, John. Hopefully teething problems will be removed, and where possible fine-tuning of functionality can be done. There is a Category for posting Issues

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Hi John, how you doing ?

Good to see you made it over, despite the issues you have commented on. I hope you get used to it. Don’t think the Trust Level’s will promote any kind of elitism, as I don’t we’ve ever been that kind of forum and you say its all about the people and the rear guard are pretty much all present and correct bar a few waifs and strays but like your good self, they are being hunted down and encourage to haul butt !

Didn’t think of Trust Levels as a term in the way you express but I think it will discourage the trolls and drive-by YT poster we used to get now and then, well in the last couple of years the emphasis on more ! So regardless of what its called that surely can only be a good thing. As usual just MHO.

But hey you are here, now start rockin us just like the good old days !!



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Change is hard.

You can’t please everyone.

The community is the people.

Haven’t though a t all about trust. I just post, read and participate.

Let’s share guitar stories!

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I should rephrase. I don’t believe it’s ‘designed’ to promote elitism in a malicious way from the owner/admins of the site (I know they’re all great people donating their time to all of us). I do think it can easily be perceived that way. More so than other labels.

Fair comment but it never crossed my mind. There again I’ve pretty much stayed away from other guitar forums for that very reason, as I have no desire to mix with the holier than thou crowd. Something I have never found here…here being the old here and the new here I guess, coz its the same old peeps. Simples. :sunglasses:

Holier than thou?
Verily, John was not one of the chosen Disciples-
Nay, but it was he who paved the way for us to follow.
Be true to thy name, Oh Great One, and endureth please…
This is but a passing phase and normal service will resume before the end of days :metal: :sunglasses:


Like I say Brian, never an issue here but certainly elsewhere, where ones lack of knowledge would be scoffed at by those thinking themselves elite. Do we not embrace all in our little world (ok bar the spammers, trolls and drive-by Tubers !) ?

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I agree with many of your sentiments. However I must say that once you get used to navigating the site and using all the various functionality, the new Community platform is much superior to the old Forum. Everything is so much easier to do.

There are some particularly juvenile aspects however, like earning badges for doing things eg. giving out likes, (you can get one for giving out 50 likes in one day!) being liked and using emojis.

I think the world today is in ‘dumb down’ mode and the software used here is a reflection of that.

The Community is the people and that’s what’s important. Let’s forget all the trivia and enjoy each other’s music, opinions and chat. Let’s give advice and continue to help one another in our guitar endeavours.


That was very clever Brian, I feel honored and wiser together through your gospel.

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I mainly stayed away from commenting on the new forum because I have my own opinions on massive centralisation of any system/platform but I have to say I agree with you on this one. But all these badges, likes, tags, etc. are not why I am here (Gordon, I had no clue you can get one for giving likes lol).

So let’s just enjoy the music chat and general banter on whichever platform we’re given! And if you really dislike the current forum layout, turn on the reading mode in your browser (I think the shortcut is F9 in all the commonly used browsers) and it makes it more reader friendly.

Looking forward to more of your rocking tracks sir!

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Have one of these peeps. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


John I’m so glad that despite your concerns and dislikes you’re here. I’d hate to lose contact with you. Being able to follow your progress with your band and to hear your bass groove is interesting and makes me happy.

How’s the band, and your music going?

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Here you go Toby, I liked your badge! Okay, enough spam from me. See you around the forum!

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Hi, I am a quiet member of the old site just browsing the new site and ran across this post. I was reading and then, to my surprise, I was bumped up a trust level! I followed this url to investigate what it really meant, and thought it was interesting:

It looks like if you actually use/read/participate you get more capabilities, which seems like it would help keep down the “spammers, trolls and drive-by Tubers !” as TheMadman calls them. But it also looks like if you go on a sabbatical/holiday you might lose some of the tools you gain.

Anyway, I am interested to see how well the new site works out. It’s a nice, clean layout (to me) and seems easy to navigate.

Thanks everyone for building and running this!

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Ohhhhh! It took my url and made a pretty graphic!

Hi Gary welcome on board and glad to see you made it across.

As to the TLs yes that exactly what they are for and should keep out or discourage any chancers ! But I guess we need to see how that pans out. As to getting dropped down a level that seems to be the case, but I think you get a 2 week stay of execution before the clock starts ticking. Again something new and I guess another thing we have to wait and see when it happens. But hey from where I am sitting lots of positives :wink:



There also is a thread about trust levels: What are Trust Levels?

They are native to Discourse and I have tweaked them a bit.
There are indeed some badges as well but they do nothing to little to your forum experience.

We have still have some things to iron out when it comes to the mobile experience.

The general adoption rate seems to be ok but I understand your friction with it @Endureth
Give it a chance and let us know what keeps bothring you after a month or so.

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When I first moved to the new forum, I found it difficult. Now that I’ve used it for a while, it’s fine. the difficulty, for me, was that it was different.

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Trust Levels seem designed to get people to live on a forum in order to use its full functionality. Sorry, but I have a real life.

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