New Guitar Day! Kind of... 😅

Exciting day today. I bought my new guitar. Picture below! :joy:

Well, hopefully it’ll be looking and sounding more like a guitar in a few week’s time as the guitar building course progresses.

Anyway, if anyone’s interested I’ll be posting updates otherwise thank you for letting me share my enthusiasm!


That’s going to look great, bit of work left though


I was thinking myself to build a guitar from scratch (from youtube tutorials), but the cost of individual parts in my country simply turns me off the process. That being said, I’ll await pics/vids of your progress :slight_smile:

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Lots of tools needed tbh

You can always do it manually, without precision tools… I mean, we had technology classes back at school decades ago, where we using a manual saw (or what’s it called) carved out various things from various thickness wood… the thicker the longer it took, but it was doable lol. It will take a lot of time, but, doable lol. The biggest bitch would be to carve out orifices for sound-hole or electric equipment.

Haha yes!
In theory it should be ready by (around) June.

I can tell you it hasn’t been cheap so far here either. But I reckon it would cost multiple if I bought it from a big brand. That quilted maple top alone, it’s a full carve one, not a veneer they usually put on and charge an arm and a leg.

Yeap. Thankfully provided by the college along with consumables. That would be a significant investment for a hobby but well worth it if space is not a problem!

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Cool project to work on. All the best for it - looking forward to the outcome! :smiley:

Once done, it will probably feel totally special to actually play YOUR guitar. Great stuff. :slight_smile: Hope you keep us posted, probably it’s not only me being curious about the building process.


Wow, those are some beautiful pieces of wood! Can’t wait to see the results!

I wanted to take a guitar building course, but it was expensive and required a pretty significant time commitment that I just didn’t feel I had, or have. Mostly, you can’t miss classes, which are weekly for a good while.

That and I have to embrace the fact that I am a complete hack when it comes to this kind of project…

So instead I spent the money on several pre-made guitars!

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Thank you Lisa!
I hope I won’t mess it up although chances are I will but nevertheless, once it’s completed I’ll probably be proud of it, until the next one!!

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Thanks Joshua! I was at the timberyard for about about 3 hours today hoping to find something nice. I left heavier in timber and lighter in the wallet :joy:

The course I’m lucky enough to be at the community college so it’s not as expensive as those offered privately. Very limited spots though. Still, I was expecting there would be expenses so I did try to save for some time.

I’ve been looking for premade guitars but it seems to me that lately the prices have gone significantly up for no good reason. But in any case, for me the other reason I decided to do it is because I’m tired of working in front of a computer screen every day and I want to do something manual too every now and then!

I imagine there is nothing like playing a guitar you built for yourself!

You wont make a guitar neck complete without precision tools

Ah Thats good helps a lot, would love to make one from scratch but I dont have access to that kind of stuff. perhaps one day

That’s my fear. I fear I’ll get hooked and then I won’t be able to do anything about it. :disappointed_relieved:

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Looking forward to following the project, Lefteris. You could go the whole hog and make some videos to document the progress? That would be fine. Our own @TheCluelessLuthier has done this to document his guitar building projects and I thoroughly enjoy them.

As for a lot of work, already ahead of Jack White’s …

Oh wow, I didn’t know that Mark has such videos! I’ll definitely go and watch them if they are avaiable. Thanks for mentioning that David!

I’d like to document the progress with videos but I think it’ll be difficult. There will be another ~15 people around doing their own builds sometimes even sharing a workbench by the looks of it. I’ll definitely be taking photographs though.


It’ll be interisting to follow your project Lefteris! :blush:

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Thank you Silvia! I’ll try to be consistent with updates!

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That is great Lefteris! I also have worked at a computer screen as a programmer, but had some construction experience. I started building guitars 1 1/2 years ago to work with my hands again. That is a beautiful piece of quilted maple. I read above that it was a solid piece, how heavy is it? I will definitely be following your progress! Good Luck!

Hi @TheCluelessLuthier Mark!!

Seems like you know how I feel about wanting to use my hands and brain in a different way!

The quilted maple top is two pieces, bookmatched, but luckily the grain is such that you can use one side or the other. It’s about 26mm thick, full carve. Cost me a pretry penny but I love it :joy:
It’s not too heavy. Just weighted it, 3.3kg.
The rest of the body is alder, again two pieces, 4.1kg. Nice colour but very plain grain. I think that’ll get painted over. I’ll think about it.

Thinking about it, I forgot to get a matching veneer for the headstock but I’ll get back to that later I guess.

I’d love to see some of your builds Mark and I’ll most likely ask for your input at some point!