New Guitars NGA

Hi All,

Got two new guitars to add to my PRS McCarty 594 SE…

The reason for the new guitars, i found the PRS neck a little thick for me as I’m still starting out and i was getting loads of pain in my left wrist :unamused:. I realise my wrist and fingers need to get more flexible as time goes by…

So I tried a Fender and Squier and found the necks thinner and easier to change chords.

So meet my Squier 40th Anniversary and a Fender acoustic :blush:

Oh…and i bought a Boss MK50 11 Ex as it on cyberweek special :see_no_evil:


Hi Rachel,
Happy NG`sD and NAD … :flushed::partying_face: :sunglasses:

I really need to look for another guitar shop, at mine they only deliver 1 guitar to my home at a time :upside_down_face:

Have a lot of fun with it (And keep a close eye on your wrist)


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Hi Rachel,

Happy New gear day enjoy looking good :slight_smile:

Thank you Roger,

I found buying from online guitar shops easier as you can buy as many as you want LOL…:rofl:

I normally go to my local guitar shop for new strings etc. I used them to try out the Frnder and Squier and then go online of a good price…We have Thomann in Europe which is amazing for good prices and quick delivery…

I think it over did the practicing last week especially on the finger stretching exercises :unamused:

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Hi @rachelcoles, you should consider supporting your local shop to support them, instead of using them to try guitars and then buy elsewhere.

In my advancing age, I’ve come to believe that supporting local businesses and local people is more important than just getting the rock bottom price.


Very nice. I avoided looking at guitars and amps this weekend, I promised the hubby no more before April.


Happy NGD and amp day. They look lovely. You have to be able to play comfortably, it’s not always about looks. I hope they bring you many years of happiness.

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Hi @jjw

I do agree with you, supporting local businesses which I do (e.g. buying all my vegetables from the market - it’s a tradition in Austria to buy local :grinning:)
As in the case of the guitar shop, not only do I buy my strings there, but I get them to fit them and do a complete check on the guitar including lowering the strings all which costs money which we can all do at home, but I prefer them to do it as I know they’ll do it correctly and way better than I ever will.
I bought a new gig bag for the Squier there, when they changed the strings.
But, with prices the way they are, we all look for the best possible deal for our money.

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Looking good. Happy NAD n NGD !

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Love the straps you chose! (excited for your new guitars, too, obviously)

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Congrats, finding a neck shape that feels good under your fretting hand is a big deal!

Since I got my Ibanez, which has a very slim neck, going back to my Squier it feels downright chunky by comparison.

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Congratulations with your new gear ! The Boss Katana is a super amp !!! I’m sure you’re gonna love it.

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Nice collection Rachel!

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Happy NGsD, Happy NAD - early Christmas treat? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Congrats Rachel!
Nice stable of guitars you’ve accumulated (so far)!!! Remember, there’s ALWAYS room for one more!!!
I really, really, really like the Katana 50, I don’t bother with the Tone downloads & seem to get some cool sounds using the knobs on the amp itself!!!
Have loads of fun but don’t overdo the practice & hurt yourself!!!


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Very nice gear! Congrats on the new guitars👍🏾

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