New Les Paul Nut Slots

I was looking at the nut slots on my new LP Classic, and they look a lot wider than the strings. I wasn’t sure if this was normal…

Andy, maybe a start……

Those slots are all over the place, on a Gibson the slots should be roughly 35/50% bigger than the string diameter, it gives you a bit of tolerance on string gauge.
It also looks to me that they have been cut parallel with the fretboard when they should be tapering down towards being parallel to the headstock so that there is a clean string break, otherwise you could get string buzz.

If this is a new guitar and you’re unsure about any aspects of it’s set up, take it back to the shop and get them to look at it.

Hello @adbeck and welcome to the community.
Sadly, it is not a happy welcome perhaps.
Unless the super close up and very light exposure makes things look worse than they rae, I have to say for an expensive guitar that looks like very poor workmanship.
Contact the store immediately.
If you bought it in person take it back.
If you bought remotely you should have the right to return.

Thanks everyone. I think I have bad luck when it comes to new guitars lol. I had two send two Fenders back and then I just returned this one. We will see when the next gets here…

Yeah I don’t think that’s normal, here’s a picture of my Epiphone les Paul studio. Not perfect but def no gaps like yours.

I have 2 LPs and and SG all Gibson and none of them look that shoddy !