New old guy - Bob - from mid-Missouri

I recently discovered Justin Guitar and have started the courses. I’m not a beginner, but I play like one. I’ve owned guitars and have messed around with them for several decades now (I’m 62). I’ve been a huge music fan my whole life and have always been interested in guitar. About 20-25 years ago, I decided I wanted to teach myself guitar. I bought a few books and tapes and tried to teach myself some basics (without much luck). About that time, my wife was active with a church. The musicians took pity on me and let me sit in with them during practice. Before long, I joined the church and began playing with the band regularly. When I say “playing,” I mean three chords, strictly rhythm. Basically just strumming. But I did it a lot and was playing nearly every day. Still, I never progressed much beyond a few chords at a time. Also, a big problem was that the only songs I learned were the church’s original music. I never learned any songs that anyone else would know or recognize. Time went on, the church fell apart and I lost my playing buddies. I set the guitar aside and hardly touched it at all for a number of years.

Throughout my playing time, I suffered from a chronic case of guitar acquisition syndrome. I was constantly buying and selling guitars. Consequently, I’ve owned some really nice guitars – I’m talking desirable American made stuff (Strats, Teles, a 335, a Rickenbacker 12, some great acoustics, and several really good amps). Mind you, my abilities never justified such nice instruments, but I enjoyed them. (I kick myself a bit when I think about what I’ve let go over the years.) I also enjoy tinkering with stuff, so I taught myself to work on guitars, doing basic set-up type of adjustments. At some point during my working life, I started and ran a pawnshop. That was during years I wasn’t playing. I had a number of really nice guitars come through my shop but I didn’t do much more than restring them, set them up and keep them in tune. When I finally closed my shop, I had sold off all of my personal guitars.

Not long after closing my pawnshop, I decided I should take up guitar again. That was about four years ago. I bought a couple of guitars (even purchasing back an acoustic I had previously sold) and started dabbling again. I tried some Youtube videos but never found anything that grabbed me or that I wanted to stick with. I sort of set the guitars aside for awhile again until recently when I thought I should give it another go. That’s when I discovered Justin Guitar.

I am really enjoying Justin’s lessons. I find his spirit to be really great. He’s encouraging and explains thing in clear, easy to understand steps. I love that he’s not putting attention on himself or showing off, despite clearly tremendous chops. I confess, I also love the whole British aspect. I’m a huge fan of the British Baking Show and really appreciate how that show is more encouraging and supportive than competitive. I get the same vibe from Justin. It’s obvious that he wants the viewer to learn and do well and he’s there to help make that happen.

Although I have some skills and abilities, I also know that I have a lot of bad habits (practice makes permanent), so I’m approaching the lessons as a new beginner, working each step from the beginning. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick with it and actually build some fundamentals this time. Anyway, that’s a lot. I just wanted to say hello, and let you now that I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen so far, and that I am learning.

Oh, if anyone is interested, I’m primarily playing a Telecaster clone that was built by one of my customers at my old pawnshop. I also have a hardtail Stratocaster that I assembled (Robert Cray body with a Tele neck). I also have a Guild JF30 jumbo acoustic (though I’d like to find something smaller). I’m using one of those Yamaha THR amps to do the lesson with. I plug the sound from my computer into the AUX and my guitar into the amp. I listen on headphones so as to not bother my wife. I also own a Vox practice amp and one of those cheap Monoprice tube amps.


Hey Bob, great to meet you, certainly a unique story of your guitar journey. I’m also in my mid 60s and great up in Kansas, I remember fondly family holidays in Missouri.

For me, Justin’s lessons made a big difference. And playing songs was the catch that got me. Once I could play my first song all the way through it really boosted my motivation.

Keep at it, the rewards are so cool. Look forward to hearing more from you.


Welcome to the forum Bob


Bob @AllthumbsMcGhee
Great read welcome to the community
Michael :notes::guitar:


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Hi Bob, nice to read your story. Wish you a lot of fun with your guitars, following Justin’s course. :wave:


Hi Bob,
I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:


Hello Bob, and wow, what a story :smiley:. I’m sending you a warm Welcome to the community :hugs:.
I started my guitar journey last Spring and was lucky to find Justins course right at the beginning (after trying out some videos of different youtubers which didn’t make much sense to me …).
Justins teaching style is fantastic, and I like the fact, that I can decide, when to move on. And this wonderful community is the perfect supplement to the course :star_struck:.
I wish you lots of fun along your guitar journey :grinning:.


Welcome Bob and pleased for you to have discovered Justin’s courses and how they work. I think your approach to starting at the beginning is worth it, no doubt you’ll fly through a number of modules but reinforcement isn’t a bad thing.
Looking forward to hearing how you get on! Enjoy the community :slight_smile:


Welcome Bob, any experience can be built upon.

Have fun :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome, Bob, what an amazing story! So glad that you have found Justin and now, the forum here. Couldn’t agree more with you about his spirit!

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Hello Bob and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

That was a very interesting story. Thanks for sharing.

Enjoy your journey, especially now that you have Justin at your side.


Hello Bob, a very warm (albeit belated) welcome to the community. Thanks for giving us such a full and interesting back story. You’ve found the right lessons and the right community if you want to have meaningful and structured learning backed up by a supportive and friendly group of fellow guitar students.
I wish you all the best as you learn and play more.
Ask if you need anything.
Cheers :smiley:
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