New Online Collboration and Online Jamming Software (Elk.Audio)

Hi everone!

For those who are interested in online jamming and online collaboration for musicians (which has not turned out to be working really so far i guess):

There seems to be a new approach to get an Online Jamming and Online Collabaration Tool working for musicians. It is supposed to support remote recording, live streaming via DAW and online pratice sessions with other musician with low latency.

It is in Beta and for free to register now:

Elk - Remote music collaboration

What i already found is that there is currently only a Mac client available but no Windows client yet (although you can register for the waiting list to get notified as soon as it is available).

Unluckily i do not have a Mac available to try but will as soon as the Windows client is available…

Maybe somebody is tempted here to try (although it is Beta). Let us hope the development department is as good as their marketing department.

I few years ago there was something already available from Elk called Elk Live (a hardware device supporting connection to a live jamming plattform). But this i could not find anymore on their webpage.

As soon as testing with Windows client is possible i will update this post.

Has anybody tried that plattform on Mac and has some experience already?

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It has been mentioned before. I believe it’s actually been around for a couple of years

I’m quite sceptical myself. There’s been lots of these services (many of them free) and they all work really well if you are jamming with people relatively nearby, but all start to degrade and become unusable with longer distances.

Unfortunately the laws of Physics and network engineering dictate how much latency you get between users, and there’s not much a bit of software or even hardware can do other than to reduce the local latency (which they all do).

I also don’t think there’s actually anything that new that they are doing. Jamkazam, Jamulus and others have been doing remote jamming, collaboration, and recording for years before Elk came along (and, in a lot of cases, for free).

Sonosbus has been doing some clever things with remote recording and is even built into some DAWs

And all of these have good multiplatform support.