New Research Proves Electric Guitar Tone Largely Depends on Pickguards,

A little April Fool’s funny for the NGD crew!

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Who needs a NGD when they can have an AGD

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Just saw that! Even discounted! What a deal, but I prefer the B&B version (Beavis and Butthead).

I am new at this whole guitar thing, so I admit I was like wow. This is really cool. But then, when they started talking about the primordial resins being different between different eras and no longer being available, well suddenly it dawned on me I was being had.

Very funny :rofl: They got me. :sunglasses:



I only kinda read that article.
Don’t know that I put 2 and 2 together with April fools day, but I did find it a odd observation and near unbelievable.

That said.
I just recently took the pick guard off my Casino.
Little did I know???

I took it off for a reason too. Because my pinky fingernail was hitting the pick guard and the pickup was picking it up.
I think it sounds better w/o now… I was tired of hearing the click click of my nail on the plastic pick guard.
I think I like the look of the Casino better w/o the pick guard there too. Like that makes any difference one way or the other…

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My Les Paul ( copy) has no pickguards, has great tone, so I guess mine goes against the ‘research’.

On a serious note, I’ve never understood those unsightly cream pickguards on Les Paul’s. They look ridiculous, and shoddy to me.

Les Pauls look much better without them.

Cheers, Shane

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reminds me to take the pick guard off my hohner

As a mailman, this hurts :laughing:

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I saw your post this morning and it reminded me of a post I was going to put up for 04/01 but totally forgot.
I got a Beat Buddy about a month ago and while on Singular Sound’s website sight I saw this pedal. I wonder if it would help?

Or maybe changing my pick guard would be better.