New songs in Songs App for April '23 - bug?

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When I started the Songs App this morning, it indicated that there were new songs - orange dot on the Songs tab.

(And BTW - I used to get Notifications when new songs were added, but have not seen any for at least a year. Did you drop this feature?)

But when I select New Songs, I still see the same songs that were added a few weeks ago.

Here’s what I’m seeing:

Did you add new songs recently, or is this a false notification?

(Also BTW - I noticed a bunch of new songs that were added after Xmas - the block that had Don’t Bring Me Down and Soak Up the Sun - have disappeared from the new songs list. Fortunately, they are still in the library. )

One of the great things about the app is the very deep catalog of hundreds of songs. But this is wasted if you don’t know what is being added. Seems like this whole feature around new songs is buggy.

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when you click on songs on the left of the app, “new songs” is one of the categories. I noticed “Honey I’m Good” was added yesterday when i got the orange dot

You are probably right - I tend to only notice songs or artists I’m familiar with…and that’s not one of them.

But if it had been first in the list…rather than fourth…I probably would have noticed.

I’d still call it a bug…new songs should be added at the top of the list, not inserted partway down the list below songs that have been on the list for weeks.

As a retired software developer, I guess I’m fussy about stuff like this…particularly in an app that I’ve used a lot in the past, and still really,like.

Yeah, from my point of view I feel like there haven’t been any new songs added since about Feb (even if that might not actually be the case).

I’ve noticed new song lists, which I find mostly worthless after having used the app for a few months. But yeah, I wouldn’t have noticed “Honey I’m good” either.

The newest songs really should be placed first on that list, not four songs down.

I specifically came to the forum to check if there was an issue, as I am pretty bummed out that we haven’t been getting new songs. It’s a great app, but without new (good) material, I can’t see myself subscribing again for another year at the current price…

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