New songs not having full band track


Many of the 150 new songs that were added in the last update to replace the missing ones don’t have full band backing track. They only have the MIDI pratice track.

Is that a bug or a licensing issue ? Is there a plan to had them in the near future ?

I would feel disappointed that the licensing record companies only allow MIDI playback for JG app. As there are other paid guitar apps in the App Store in the same price range having full band backing track.

:frowning: Real songs are much more fun.


I absolutely agree that the full songs are much more fun. In fact, they’re the only ones I actually use because I get very little enjoyment playing along with midi tracks.

But to answer your question, all the songs used to be midi tracks in this app, and it’s previous iteration (FourChords Guitar Karaoke), so it’s not a bug. They created full tracks for most of the previous songs, but all of the 500+ recently added songs I’ve checked out are midi. I asked about that in another thread and a Musopia rep said they would “look into” creating full tracks for the new songs too. Read into that what you will, but even if they do, 500 songs is going to take a loooong time. :slight_smile:

In the meantime I put in a feature request for a filter to allow us to sort full songs from midi with the search tool. Hopefully they’ll add it sometime soon.


Thanks Ross for the update.

I couldn’t word better your comment about midi track.

I’m begginning my second year of subscription to the app. Since grade 3 is not available in the app, my main reasons to renew the app this year are song playing and supporting Justin.

I understand that the original Musopia Fourchords app have 2000 midi tracks for 40$ CAD per year. On the other hand, the Musopia JustinGuitar app is priced at a premium price at about 140$ CAD per year and 1000 songs. I can afford to pay more to support Justin which I am really grateful of. However, I expect premium features from the app developer for charging this premium price. And for me supporting Justin and having full band backing track were the reasons I accepted paying about 3 times more for JG app this year.

Hopefully, the app developer will make it a priority to resolve this issue with the full band backing track. In my opinion, at this price range, the app deserves real premium quality full band songs to replace the ones that were removed recently due to the licensing issue :slightly_smiling_face:

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Personally, after months of using the new app with real backing tracks I simply cannot play to MIDI anymore.
I didn’t mind MIDI back when it was the only option. Honestly though, I’d rather have 5-10 new full backing tracks every 3 months than hundreds of MIDI every month - quality not quantity.

I enjoy playing along with real tracks, maybe adding a touch of overdrive or distortion, experimenting with the sound of me within the mix etc. With MIDI, the magic of it sounding musical and close to an actual performance is gone in seconds and I might as well play flute.

It would be really helpful to add a MIDI filter option to the app so that I can just hide all MIDI.


Same here. I used FourChords on PC all the time a few years ago. Couldn’t go back to it now though, for the exact reasons you mentioned.

That would certainly get my vote. :+1:t2:

Dear @MusopiaApps team,
first, I have to mention, that I was fully satisfied with the App before the latest release. As I read, that 150 new songs have been edited to the App to replace lost content, I was really hopeful to find some new songs to replace the lost ones. Unfortunately, there was not a single song I clicked, that provided a full band track. I always appreciated the value of having those complete backing tracks as I’m not able yet to sing and play at the same time and it’s so much more options to switch between click, practice, band and voice. Hard to see, that there’s only the practice track available, which mostly sounds a bit poor. I agree with others, I’d prefer to have less songs with full tracks than hundreds of “half-baked” tracks. I really like the app as a supplementary instrument to my other songwork with the songbook or Justins videos, because it WAS fun to play with. A little sad, that the development goes in a direction of reduced options and quality. Not sure, if this will bring success for the future. I only can rate this from my position. Maybe others disagree, but that’s my subjective feeling.

Helpful suggestion, @petexx


@Helen0609 @Petexx @Goffik @math07

Hi All, thanks for your valuable feedback on this matter it’s vital to help us improve the app!

We are currently in talks with the provider of the full backing tracks to arrange to add these for the new songs, however, we need to see which of the new songs are available in this mode. Don’t worry they will be available for some if not the majority of the new tracks soon!

We also love the feature request to add in a filter by available backing track for each song and we are chatting internally to see how we can implement this and the best way to design the screen so that the overall interface doesn’t get too cluttered across devices.

We hope you enjoy the new tracks available and we’ll provide an update once the full backing tracks are available! :slight_smile:

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Thank you @MusopiaApps for taking care. New light of hope! Good to know, that something is going on in the background.
Looking forward to this. I wish you success with all efforts!


Thanks @MusopiaApps for putting the comeback of full backing track on your priority list. Looking forward to this too.