New songs notification

I received a notification from the app today on my phone. I didn’t have the time to read it all before it disappears. It seem to talk about new songs in the app.

Did you receive it too? Was someone able to read more and find them? Is there a list?

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It was Behind Blue Eyes. Don’t know if there is a list.

I’ve still got the notification in my Notification Centre, it says:

(With a link that goes straight to the song in the app, linked below)

“Behind Blue Eyes” by T…
Check out this song and stay tuned for more!

Thank you snwau and jkahn. That’s a cool song. Can’t wait to see more in the app :slight_smile:

I didn’t see it at first on my iPad, but sure enough, there it was in the Notification Center.

I didn’t see a Badge on the app icon, however, even though I have Badges enabled in Notifications setting. So maybe that’s a bug?

Also, when I tapped on the notification, it opened the App, but not the song, so I had to search for it. Which seems like another bug.

Caveats aside, this is a very welcome feature!