New strings

This is going to be obvious to a lot of you, but I just changed my strings on my new to me electric, and man, what a difference.
The seller said they were new strings but when I got it the setup was so horrible I spent a bunch of time sorting all that out. I still wasn’t satisfied with how it sounded, plus it wouldn’t stay in tune for 15 minutes so ordered some new strings. Just got them installed and played for about an hour. Rock solid tuning after the first 5 minutes. Tone is brighter and everything seems easier.
All this to say, if in doubt change your strings!


What gauge strings did you use? I use 10’s

I put on 9 top, regular bottom. Still experimenting with what I like. Not sure what gauge was on it before.

But I always re-discover it when I change strings. They go dead so gradually that I don’t really hear it until I put the new ones on.

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For sure, but a bit worse in this case since I didn’t know what new strings sounded like on this guitar.

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Surprisingly (and perhaps even pure coincidence?) I just loved the strings on my new Epiphone. I still have on her the strings she shipped with and I like them more than the D’Addario and the Ernie Ball I have in my other guitars!

And I’m afraid to change them because I don’t know what brand they are! :joy:

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Have you tried asking the place you bought it from?

If you bought it new, it had Gibson branded strings on it I bet.

When I got my Epiphone SG, it felt like I was trying to push on tree trunks. I dropped the size 1 step and used the Ernie Ball strings I am familiar with. Mostly better. Flattened the neck just a bit, and it plays just right now. Wasn’t sure if the string size or brand made the difference in feel.

No but I will. I think it has Gibson strings on but I’ll confirm with the store. Thanks for the suggestion!

I think you’re right on this! But I’ll double check.
I was very positively surprised that the guitar was very well setup straight out of the box. I didn’t need to do anything!

When I got my Taylor many years ago I had the same problem. It came with elixirs and I didn’t want to change them because they were so perfect. I eventually wore through the coating and had to swap them and discovered how dead they were lol.


New strings rock. I just changed on acoustic and electric. For 1st time. I will not be waiting that long again to change them. Huge difference

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I find string changes inspiring. Sounds a little goofy but it’s true, at least for me. I did a string change to D’Addario Silk & Steels a while back and went on an acoustic journey, starting with my re-imagining of After Midnight.

I’m about to try out some Ernie Ball Earthwoods with an unwound G string. Hoping it will cut down on some of my squeaky slides. :slight_smile:

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The guy at my guitar shop says they can’t keep them on the shelves.


I’ve used those before, nice warm played in sound.

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I just picked up a set of D’Addario flat tops. I’m curious to give those a try.

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They are Gibson after all. Not sure I hadn’t seen that before :joy: