New Taylor dreadnought model

Want a “reasonably-priced” Taylor acoustic/electric dread? Check out the new 117e model.


Looks nice

Im sure theres a qualified taylorologist who can say why its worth getting instead of one of their other guitars?

I would question what you get versus a slightly cheaper Academy model. Not sure if it’s much more than it looks a bit fancier. It’s still got a layered back and sides so that’s no different. A nice guitar no doubt though.

I believe what you get over the very slightly cheaper Academy model is a full scale grand pacific bodied guitar. My Academy 10 is a 7/8 scale grand auditorium body. The solid top paired with the layered sapele back and sides delivers a wonderful tone.

ChasetheDream is right. This is the first time a Taylor Grand Pacific has been available below the 300 line.

I’ve more been a fan of the Taylor higher end models as they are solid wood and not laminated. That tends to give a better sound, but also require more care as solid wood are more prone to cracks when overly dry.

I’m sure you’re right, but I don’t know because I’ve never played a high-end Taylor. I have a 114e. Some can’t afford (or, like in my case, aren’t good enough to justify) the high-end models. I just thought that it would be interesting to some that they’re expanding the 100-level line.


Absolutely. I have several high end guitars and while they sound great in their own way, one of my lower end guitars still sounds just as good.

One Taylor 4xx series I bought just didn’t sound well for me at all, I should have played it before I bought. Lesson learned. I also owned a GS-8 for a while, it’s similar in price to the 4xx series and it sounded great. But not better than my lower end guitar and as such it didn’t get played all that much so I sold it and haven’t really regretted that.

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