New to JustinGuitar but not guitar. An entry guide would be useful

I’m new to Justin Guitar, but I’ve been playing guitar on and off for decades. I need to determine the course level at which I should begin here. It would be good if there were an entry questionnaire that helps a student new to the course to determine the best level at which to start his/her studies here.

Welcome to the community John.
Start at the beginner cousre. You’ll blow through the things
you know and it will point out all the bad habits you’ve learnt
over the years

What Stitch said.

A lot of people ask the same and my personal advice is to start right from the beginning. Each step you will say “I can do that”, but there will come a time when you are challenged whether it’s a song or chord or scale. Most of us have gaps in our skills, so it’s worth being honest with yourself before moving up.

Same for me I hadn’t played for 30 years.I started right at the beginning and got through a lot of stuff very quickly.You will eventually come up against more challenging things and that’s when you need to develop skills in to new areas .Best of luck .