New to learning - should I use the Phone App, Books or just the Website

I’m new to learning the guitar and I’m wondering if I should buy the books and get the app or are the website lessons enough? Thanks :relaxed:. Currently I’m on the OMC lesson.

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Start with the site. That gives you a good start. To practice songs, which should be the main and best part of your practice, the app is really usefull.

So basicly you want to try both. You can use the app for free for a period of time I believe.

Have fun with this exciting journey!


Hello Strumhum and welcome to the Community.

Everything you need to learn, absolutely everything, is here for free on the website in the most brilliantly structured courses for beginners and intermediates you will find anywhere online.

Justin makes it all freely available on principle - his mission to teach the world to play, his ethos is pay-it-forward.

He does ask for donations from those that can afford. He does make available for purchase or subscription various premium courses, apps, books plus some merchandise. He has to earn a living.

You can learn all you need by following the free lessons, joining in with Community discussions and activity and using Justin’s 600+ song lessons.

If that suits you, go for it.
If you are able to support or feel inclined to use the available pay-for products then that is good also.
They are ‘optional extras’. Not essential but very useful in their own right.
Many people like the play-along aspect of the App.
Many people like to use physical books to learn and play songs from.
The choice you make will be an individual one ultimately.

Cheers :blush:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide & Moderator


Hi Strumhim and welcome. I found using the website and the app together works very well for me. The app has a lot of songs you can play along with. This seems to help me play in time better and to better approximate the vibe of a song. Of course, no two learners are the same so what works for me may not for you.

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Hi, and welcome.
The website is by far the best for learning,but things like the app can be of great help for practicing songs. I unfortunately am unable to afford that but have seen the trial version and it does offer a lot.
Also the songbooks are superb quality, I have seen them in music stores.
In short, the other things are extras which if you can afford will help in your journey, but everything you actually need is on the website.

I started back on Oct. 1 and use the website for the lessons and the app for the songs; seems like the best way to go.

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Hello there - I use the website for lessons and the app for playing songs. I also have two of Justin’s books to use when I don’t want to use my phone or computer. Sort of like a little quiet time practice.

Hi there, of course everyone learns in a different way but for me the App was definitely the way to go. The lessons are the same (I think, I moved to the app early on) but the practice sessions on the app automatically log your progress and keep you on track (ie practicing the things you need) - so you know when to move on and this really helped me a lot. The songs are present in 3 ways… a) very simple to make it easy to learn the chords, b) with a bit more instrumentation… and finally c) with the full band and vocals (but still leaving space for you to fit in) - You can also slow down the tempo which is great when you get to the ‘F…’ chord! (note sure if this is the same on the website). For me I also find it easier to pull out the phone and use the app wherever I am.

Although everyone learns in a different way… I would def try the app for the trial period.

Cheers! Happy playing…

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