"New to me" Squier Affinity thinline 60s vibe Telecaster

This was a FB marketplace find. I had been considering a Tele or something hollow/semi-hollow and this one fit both descriptions. I don’t know exactly where this fits in the Fender/Squier/Affinity scale of quality. I do know that I like it as much as anything I own. It does have a set of Golden Age pickups installed and sounds pretty good. But it feels even better. Considering satisfaction/dollars spent, this is my favorite puschase since my first ever guitar. This is my fifth electric.

Not that is will effect my opinion of this guitar but is “affinity” considered upscale for squier or does it represent a cheaper version.

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Hi @Kevin_NC
That is one fine looking Tele … happy NGD.
If it looks, feels, plays and sounds good then hurrah.

The Squier range runs Bullet → Affinity → Standard (now phased out) → Classic Vibe (CV for short).


Happy NGD Kevin. That is a lovely looking instrument.

That looks sweet Kevin. Happy new guitar day. :sunglasses:

Hello Kevin,
Happy NGD…
This is your fifth already?? looks like it has become an addiction ey.
luckily this one is good for your health and mind,I wish you a lot of fun playing,
Greetings, Rogier

Happy NGD. Its a fine looking guitar.

A fine-looking instrument and if it speaks to you and feels good that is all you need. Happy NGD! :guitar:

Guitar Acquisition Syndrome is real! I had talked myself out of this one mutiple times but it just kept appearing on my radar. Tele’s were not at all on my radar but I apparently have a soft spot in my heart for maple fretboards. At trip to Guitar Center for a pair of wall hangers and spending just a few minutes with a thinline Tele that was there is what finally pushed me over the edge.

Its a rare instance for me but I added another guitar within a week of this Tele. This time it was a trade situation so, IMO, not a contributor to my GAS. I have had an Ibanez RG350DX that I was never crazy about - I traded some components from a previous hobby. Today I swapped it for a Epiphone SG. I have been looking for this SG for a while. Not sure exactly the model but its not a special. Chrome covered pickups, small pick guard and a tone and volume control for each P’up and in matte-red.

There was nothing wrong with the RG, I just never learned to like the floating trem. I found myself reaching for my old RG-170 before this 350.

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:rofl: Keep telling yourself that Kevin. Remember, you can quit at any time. :stuck_out_tongue:


After a little more research, it seems tha this in not a fender body at all. Apparently that is no such thing as an affinity classic vibe. It seems that this is a parts-caster. But it plays so nice that I don’t care.

If there are any SG experts out there, I would like to know which SG I have too. BTW, I am liking it more than I exptected too. It has a worn cherry body that i veneered, chrome bumbuckers, separate tone and volume for each pickup, gibson-looking fretboard inlays and nice thick tuning machine handles. I am happy to provide the serial but, base on what I am finding, the serial doesn’t really tell me much other than factory origin and built date.

As I said, I am enjoying this more than I thougt I would even though my immediate reaction to the neck profile was luke-warm. My only complaint is what seem, to me, to be a lot of neck-joint flex.