New to siteHI. Thanks for the nice messages. Learning the intro to wish you where here at the moment. Tricky but just needs patience

Hi Phil 73 here. I love practicing but time is the problem. Now on holiday in Zanzibar so I can put more effort in.


Welcome to the Community Phil.
You can share a little more about your journey HERE and discover folks who have also recently joined.

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Welcome to the forum Phil

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Welcome Phil @Guyreddy! You’ve found a good community here. I confess I’m a bit jealous - I dream of a holiday that includes practicing guitar! Enjoy.

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Welcome, Phil! And here’s a link to another thread with us old dogs. Though there are a few 50ish interlopers. :upside_down_face:

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Welcome, Phil! I am a newbie, too… probably asking questions that these folks have seen a zillion times! Haha! Luckily, they are all kind and do not mind responding to our “baby steps!” I love this forum! :heart_eyes:


Hello Philip and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Well that’s the solution to your practice time problems, innit?
Spend more time in Zanzibar! :rofl:
Welcome aboard :grinning:

Hi Phil, Welcome to the community enjoy the holiday and get a travel guitar :slight_smile:

Welcome Philip, good to meet you and look forward to hearing more about you and your learning :slight_smile:

Hello Philip :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the forum! You’ve found the the right place.

Enjoy your holidays in Zanzibar and your practice time - and have lots of fun and success on your musical journey, too. :desert_island: :guitar:

Cheers from Germany :smiley:

Hello and welcome! Wish You Were Here in Zanzibar, sounds like a nice personal twist on a fun song!


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Hi Phil, welcome to the community forum. Have fun learning play guitar on your holiday. Don’t be afraid to ask questions here. Someone can probably answer your question.