New to theory where to start!

hi guys! first post so go easy on me… and not sure if this is the right place for a post like this…

So i have been playing guitar on and off for about 15 years mostly by ear or tabs i would consider myself about intermediate level in playing skill but very basic at actual theory.

Some recent songs i learned from tabs or watching videos.

  • stop this train- john mayer
  • shake the frost-tyler childers
  • blackbird-alterbridge
    So what I’m getting at is i can play these songs but have no idea what im actually playing or how it actually works, i can sit down and play other peoples music but when i try to noodle or play over a track or with friends i cant.

So i guess my question is where do i start?


How about Practical, Fast & Fun Music Theory |



Thanks i will check it out…

I’ve not looked yet and its a paid course but Justin is a great teacher so I will likely have a go at it myself

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Hi Adam and warm welcome to the Community. I get what you are saying, when I first was learning to play years ago I had the same as you, no basic theory just blindly following tabs and lessons. When I found Justin I was getting back to playing a guitar and I was actually trying to first learn some theory basics (as I already knew some playing basics) before I get back to it all and it was a great decision.

Go over to the link recommended above and start with first two grades which are free so you can get a gist of Justin’s learning method and to see if you dig it, same with material. If you do it’s really worth purchasing access, I would recommend buying lifetime access straight away however if you want to test it out first there is an option for 6 months access. For some £100 can be quite a big spend in a one go especially if you aren’t sure if it’s something for you. That’s what I did and I was sucked in straight away.

So good luck and hope to see you here some time :slight_smile:


looks like the first 2 courses are free, im already halfway threw the 1st course will update after i finish them both so far i like the way he explains/breaks it down.


Hello @Adam87 and welcome to the community.

The theory course is worth every penny.

Cheers :blush:
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Thanks for the warm welcome and help guys! I made it threw the first two music theory courses and actually learned a bunch… so it looks like I will be continuing with the rest of the courses and becoming a full member!


I’ve just renewed my subscription to the theory course, it’s definitely worth it and if you don’t like it then you can cancel easily.

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