New tune

Hi folks! I hope you’re doing well.

I’ve just recorded a new tune. This time I got rid of the keyboard and played the rhythm with my guitar with a clean set up and added some distorted soloing.

I should brush it up a little to see if I can get a clearer sound for the distorted parts but this is the learning path, you know.

So here it is the video:

Picture of the rainbow: Foto campo de hierba verde bajo nubes blancas y arco iris – Imagen Arcoíris gratis en Unsplash



That was really good and very enjoyable Jose! Great work.

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Thanks, Eddie!

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Most enjoyable, Jose, lots to like in this production.

All the individual parts sounded good to me, what you played and the tones on rhythm and lead.

From an arrangment and mixing perspective, I felt the lead over powered the rhythm, particularly in the first lead section. It was better balanced in the second. Over and above just playing withy the faders to balance out the levels, you could try panning the rhythm tracks to produce a wider overall effect.

You could try double-tracking the rhythm parts (record the same part twice on separate tracksm, pan to opposite sides and take advange of the subtle differences plus different fx to create the sense of width).

I think it may also be cool to add a simple bass part to add a little more low tones into the mix. Could be single notes or chords.

Those are just my ideas inspired by the track. I really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work and sharing.

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That’s the kind of feedback that I really love to get, David. Lots of advice, so useful.

If you want to know the truth, I thought about most of those aspects and I know I should give them a bit of time to make the tunes a bit cooler.

The double-tracking for the rhythm was something I didn’t consider though, next time I’ll certainly give it a try.

And as to the low tones, I think the keyboard comes in handy for that. And I could even set it in lower octaves so that it doesn’t get all muddy with the rest of the music.

Thanks again, David! I’ve got a couple more tunes in the pipeline and I’ll aplly your suggestions.


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