New/Unread (X) is missing now

Sorry Lieven for putting more on your plate! Let me start with a backstory to explain exactly what is missing.

Since I joined new platform what I was doing is I clicked 3 lines top right corner and where you have your menu for New and Unread you used to have brackets with amount of posts you haven’t seen yet, so for instance New (3).

This is missing now. I know we had some users logged out of this platform and since then I haven’t seen any brackets against New and Unread so I assumed everyone is offline. Now having a look today at Unread (which never had any brackets next to the name, fine) I have so many unread posts and replies - Pagination Issues with 53 replies, Ivan’s roadcase etc etc. I’m guessing the clock stopped counting within last 5 days based on activity I see in latest.

Possible solutions - bring numbers in brackets back or just take new and unread out and leave latest only without brackets in.


That’s odd in my hamburger I am only seeing New (2) all the others have no entries besides them. But I know notice a number by the side of some of the Categories, which I don’t recall seeing before. This seems to indicate new Topics in these Categories since my last visit to them. Looks like a good feature. :smiley_cat:

Ivan - slowly learning Markdown as well :cool:

Mine wasn’t showing brackets anywhere anymore so I missed off a few posts :frowning:

I’ve never used the hamburger, so no idea if there were ever such numbers. I’ve taken to using “GL” shortcut and then look at topics that are in bold.

The numbers that appear on my avatar also serve little purpose to me, other than for highlighting “likes”.

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Both the unread count and the new count are working in mine when I click the hamburger (three lines on top of each other next to my avatar top right).

Hmm maybe resetting something on back end which enabled people to log in back helped to resolve the issue. I will keep myself away from this platform until tomorrow to see if it works back again.

This morning I had 2 New and 3 Unread on the hamburger. Lots more topics bold on the Home-Latest page.

Perhaps that is due to how I defined some things on my Preferences?

I’ve been following some links and found the Discourse New User Guide. It shows a slightly different Home Page:

Can we add New and Unread to our Home Page? I assume these are filters. Might be add to user friendliness and be worthwhile if not a significant dev effort to do so?

Okay so held my horses for a day to compare the values.

Hamburger menu - (6) unread and (2) new.

When I go to latest this is what is being shown. I don’t quite understand why some posts I have already seen are classified as unread (Majik Roadcase) and some aren’t (David’s). Both posts have new replies within. In this instance is there any reason to have Unread if I might miss posts and isn’t it better off to just leave Latest only?:

@DavidP the addition of the Latest at that level would be a good addition.

Toby, that is already present (unless I miss understand you). What is not visible is New and Unread.

Sorry yes you are correct, don’t know why I said latest but lots of plates spinning at the moment. So men can’t multi process after all :roll_eyes:

Wow Quote works on phone app too, so hoover over the text and click Quote :heart_eyes: sorry for the hijack! :sweat_smile:

When I hit the home page now after some time away, there was an “Unread(1)” on display. But under latest a whole lot more posts that I hadn’t read. Not quite sure how the system figures out what is unread and what is new.

Bottom line for me … my process is now use the G L shortcut combination, read everything that is above the red line and in the bolder, black font.

Same here for me David but my suggestion is to simplify it to make sure those like us who follow thread by thread are not missing out on anything.

Agreed Adrian

And whoopeee, my avatar changed. Did lost of cookie clearing, changing pic, logging out, logging in and just when I thought it wasn’t working, then voila, it had changed.

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Cool dadio !

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