New website feature - PURCHASES

The team have developed a new feature on the website.
You now have a direct, easy link that takes you to your Dashboard / Purchases. Here you can manage your subscriptions, update payment information and more.


For those who do purchase JustinGuitar products, subscribe to premium courses etc, a great big thank you.


That blue heart with picks is funny…looks good :ok_hand:

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Hmm, doesn’t work for me. Tried a couple of different browsers.

Thank you :slight_smile:

dashboard >>>>account>>>>>purchases

Yep - I get a blank page.

Do you have purchases and / or subscriptions that would show up?

Yep, I’ve got both some going back to 2007 :rofl:

@Richard_close2u, there’s a typo on the page: “cancel subscriptions to any JustinGuitar Apps (iOS and Android) from your mobile decice”.

Actually, I could use a little deiciing. My fingers have been frozen all day which makes fingerstyle practice hard! :grin: