New year New start

I played badly five years plus but for 18 months lost all feeling in hands had to give up. In the summer I had spinal compression surgery between my shoulder blades Carbon Fibre cage fitted said I may regain some feeling in my hands. But wow I would say 70% better so by my reckoning be 30% worse after a lot of practice But regardless cant wait to start again looking forward to hurting finger tips wishing the community a happy holiday period.


Good luck with your continued recovery Paul. I reckon sore finger tips would be a very welcome feeling for you. :+1:

:+1: Definitely its the confusion & Jealousy watching Jonny Marr play I wont enjoy.

Good to hear you’re getting back playing. Music is the best gift you can give yourself.

That’s really encouraging! I rarely wish pain upon others, but in this case I hope your fingers hurt really bad

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That sounds awful, hope you can recover fully!

I have had undiagnosed nerve issues for exactly 1 year now…probably bad posture related…I started playing in June 2022 and had to spend the first 8 months of 2023 in maintenance mode. But I have made lots of progress since August.

One thing that helped was focusing on 2 bands. That’s it. For me, EVH and Metallica. That plus various exercises. Obviously, avoiding the harder songs, skipping any solos other than the mini ones but playing all fills. I am enjoying it tremendously.

My job has nothing to do with music but everything to do with learning and teaching and so I would also recommend a similarly focused approach to others who have health issues and/or time constraints. Of course, this approach presupposes lots of patience if one’s favorite musician is a virtuoso, as it takes me months to fully learn a Van Halen song, but it delivers.

Best of luck!

Thank you so much for reply’s outcome better then ever mentioned or hoped for really looking forward to it. never new how much I would miss playing till I did lesson for future self there. Any way what a supportive community on forum. Thanks again

Alright, good luck in your re-ignited journey @baron40!
Some things may go a little slower or frustrating so make sure you develop “a bit of patience” as a skill too. :wink:

Hi Paul,

Great :sunglasses:… I also really loved that pain in my fingertips while learning to play the guitar after many years of not having any feeling in my fingers, among other parts…

I wish you a lot of pain and of course a quick light numbing through calluses :sunglasses: :crossed_fingers:

Greetings and all the best ,Rogier