Newbie in December

Hi, I joined Justin guitar in late December. I love how structured his practices are. I am in Grade 1 module 2. Seriously giving some consideration to his song app. I am very glad to be part of this community. Tim


Welcome Timmy!

I believe there is a 7 day(?) free trial of the app , its worth it imo to start with

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Hello Tim, and a warm welcome to the community :hugs:.
I wish you lots of fun along your guitar journey :guitar::star_struck:.

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Hi Tim,

Welcome to the community!

I enjoyed the app through grade 2. It was mostly a help for playing along with an easy tempo change and a curated collection of songs to select from. Rob’s suggestion to try it for a week is a good one. I liked having it on my tablet for lessons (same videos as the web site, just no links to the older lessons or Nitsuj).

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I haven’t tried the free app. I use his lessons on his web site

Hi Tim & Welcome!!!
I use the Songs App regularly, usually in parallel with the song lessons Justin provides & with the lessons themselves. One thing to note is that the Online lessons & the App do not sync, so if you do a lesson in the app, it doesn’t show as completed online (and vice~versa). I use this to my advantage… I’ll watch the lesson a couple of times for an overview in the app & then DO the lesson online for the check mark as completed. Also, the songs are a handy way to practice!
Good luck with your musical journey!


Hey Tim, welcome to the community and welcome to an experience that will give you great rewards as you progress. :smiley:

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Welcome aboard, Tim! :smiley:

Wish you loads of fun on your guitar journey.

Cheers - Lisa

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welcome :slight_smile:

the app is great fun

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Welcome :blush:

I use the songs app daily. I’ve been playing around a year. It’s a lot easier than trying to wrap your mind around playing along to an original recording when you’re a complete beginner

Definitely give the trial a go. Maybe you won’t like the selection of music in there or perhaps it won’t land with you for another reason but worth trying it for nothing!

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can you speed up or slow down songs on the app?

yes. in increments that make sense - I think 10% if my memory is good today.

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Welcome to the Forum Tim

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I would recommend the song app. . It is very helpful at the stage you are at right now. I enjoy it and it has helped me to improve.

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Welcome to the group Tim.


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Yes 10% increments

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Hi Tim,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun and this time you will keep playing :smiley: :sunglasses:

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Hello Tim, welcome!

The app is a beginner’s tool. As such, and being a user of the app. Especially in the beginning phases was an excellent tool for me to practice the chord changes while having a visual reference. As well as getting a feel for the rhythm. It is also good that you can easily make it a backing track to play along with. There are usually several options to play along with. And let’s not forget you can adjust the tempo as well.

The only down side is I, don’t think you can get around, is the listening for the beat instead of seeing it. As well as the chords are designed for beginners, so some chords will not match up with the original chords. An easy transition once you have the practice in.

So yep for almost 2 years I have been using it. However I broke away from it as soon as possible due to the listening for the beat or alternatively, hear the beat in your soul. Know it well enough, it will be there. Or just a natural talent, that is also a possibility.

The app has many pluses compared to the minuses in my opinion and many others.

Rock on!

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