Newbie Martin here …

… and ‘here’ for me is Shanghai, China

53 years old, father of 1 and (loving) husband and doing strategy work for an automotive supplier. I used to play acoustic guitar when I was 12-14 years old - so I am a complete newbie … again :wink:

I am into Rock n Roll, hard rock and metal (the classics: AC/DC, Sabbath, Priest, Motörhead, Joan Jett) and want to have a go at this … but first need to learn (a lot).
I just started out and am in grade 1 but really like the app and am finding tons of useful stuff on the homepage. Looking forward to the power chords - hahaha

So that is me … Rock on



Welcome to the Community, Martin. Follow the path and you will find your way to being able to rock those classics.

If not already doing so, I suggest you also look at the website lessons (wasn’t sure what you meant by ’ finding tons of useful stuff on the homepage’). There is more goodness provided there, over and above the lessons built into the App.

Hi David,

I started with the app, immediately liked the set up and progress. Only found the homepage and the additional content later. So now I am trying to sort out how to work going forward- app and its module or homepage or both (and if both then how). All part of the journey but a bit of guidance would be appreciated


Hi Martin,
A good foundation is the most important, so start at the beginning of the lessons, lesson by lesson it is self-explanatory I could still remember …and quickly pick up the theory course, you say you want to learn a lot, well you can have fun with that on,
I wish you a lot(ton) of fun :sunglasses:

Hello Martin. Welcome to the community.

I would recommend using the website along with the websites built in My Practice Assistant as main learning tool and use the App for recap and song practice. Although the user interface on the apps practice routine is really good it does miss out on items in the recommended practice routines and when you get onto practicing improvisation with the C Major Scale the app doesn’t have the backing track.

Also the App only goes up to beginners grade 2. So going forward you will need to move onto the website until such time they add the next grades to the app.

One further point is that you will reach the stage where you need to develop your own practice routine which where the My Practice Assistant Tool becomes really useful. Also I’m sure Justin said something along the lines of practice what you can’t do and not what you can do, so with the website system you can modify the practice routine to spend more time on things you struggle with and less time on things you have become good at.

Wish you all the best on your guitar journey and look forward to following your progress.

Martin, my personal opinion would be to use the website for lessons and practice assistant and the App for playing along to songs. That presumes that one has appropriate devices for consuming from both in a way that is convenient for practice and learning.

Welcome Martin!

Lots of good advice here already.
Enjoy the journey mate, join in the community, and reach out anytime you need help.

Cheers, Shane

Hello and welcome to the community Martin. :slight_smile:

Ahhhh yes, power chords. I’m there at the moment and they are not as easy as I thought they were going to be.

Hi Martin and welcome.

Never too old to rock n roll, so you are in the right place.
Folks have been saying use the website courses to support the app.
Well you have an app so you need a map !!
On the homepage drop down for courses, this fall under the All Lesson tab and is effetely the helicopter view of Justin’s pathway and just like any ladder, always safer to start on the bottom rung.

This view will give you and idea of how things progress, if you checkout each grade description but what else is out there waiting for you.

Lots of helpful folks who are somewhere on that path way, so any questions just holler.



Welcome aboard, Martin :smiley:

Welcome Martin. Follow the course and you will end up being able to play along with the rockers you like

Hi Martin and welcome. Funnily enough ‘here’ for me is also, Shanghai. I guess there can’t be too many community members in Shanghai, but good to know there are at least some. @MaZe

Nice to have another into the harder more electric stuff.

Welcome Martin

Hello Martin, welcome to the community.
Working with the app and the structured lessons and all the extra information on the website, you can’t go wrong.
Or, if you do, the community spirit of paying it forward and supporting one another will help you out.
Richard :slight_smile: