NEWS + A Special Thank You to Metallica

Here’s Justin’s March 2023 Newsletter! :slight_smile:

Nothing to see here… move along :wink: :laughing:

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…I’ll be standing on the beach with my guitar…

So there’s an Acoustic Jam Week in July in Canada. That’s sold out. But even if it weren’t it’s a 19ish hour drive from me, or 2 flights and a rental car. And then if that were to work out July 29th is the due date for our audited f-s, so July is not a good month for me anyway. Another time …

A Special Thank you Teacher and Team for all the awesome updates in the Theory Course…they make me want to get back to work on Theory, I think I’ve been able to use in a practical way the things I learnt insofar and …now I also know why I should practice scales! It took a while for me to understand but…late is better than never!

Ah…Val D’Aosta! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I live about 4hours drive from it and husband and I spent most of our Summer Holidays there. We sometimes go during the winter too. Last August we visited some friends in Courmayeur (we were in Cervinia)… I’m afraid we did the very same climate change considerations while going up in the cableway to Plateau Rosa’, he showed me all the areas where he had been skiing during the summer 30 years ago :pleading_face::disappointed_relieved: Nobody was skiing upthere as they used to, huge areas presented deep ice crevasses…I felt sad and powerless.