Next level acoustic guitar?

Thanks Matt will check it out

As Matt mentioned, Taylor is pretty solid choice (have one travelling Baby Taylor guitar). But it also depends what type of acoustic player are you, based on this find suitable body shape and start browsing around certain body shapes. If you interested in fingerstyle I would honestly recommend german brand Lakewood.

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Welcome to the forum Max. What’s your budget and are you looking for and acoustic or electric?
If you like your Yamaha you have a couple of options. You could take it in and have it set-up to be more playable. Or you could buy another Yamaha. They make high quality guitars in every price range. From a few hundred dollars to many thousands.

I’d suggest going and playing as many guitars in your budget and finding the one that speaks to you. Other peoples idea of a good guitar may not fit your needs.



Instead of just getting a more expensive version of the guitar you already have, I suggest trying different body shapes, wood types, and neck profiles. Hopefully you can find a well-stocked guitar store where you can play a bunch of different guitars to find what speaks to you.

I had a friend that played “Over the Hills and Far Away” as well as Jimmy Page on-stage using a $150 Yamaha acoustic with 10-gauge electric guitar strings on it. It sounded AWESOME!!


Playing a bunch of different guitars at a well stocked shop is almost certainly a better approach than any advice we can give you here.

Your next guitar should be noticeably better than your current one. It should speak to you in some way. It should sound better and feel better to play. And if you like looking at it as well…that’s a bonus!

Otherwise, what’s the point?

My other suggestion would be to stretch your budget a bit if you find a guitar that speaks to you, but is a little out of your price range. The extra cost will probably be spread out over the many years of owning that guitar, and will be more than made up by the increased enjoyment of having the right instrument.


I have to totally agree with this statement. I have 2 guitars I’ve had for over 40 years. One I paid $500 for. People thought I was nuts to spend what is equivalent to about $1800 in today’s money for I guitar when I had only been playing for 3 years. I still have that guitar and it still plays and sounds great.


Go play a whole bunch.

I tried Taylor, Martin, Gibson etc ended up with a maton

That’s the best approach. And take your time to be sure it really suits you.

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Look into Ovation brand guitars. Acoustically Engineered guitars. They are used by many professionals and I love mine.

Aren’t all acoustic guitars “acoustically engineered”? :thinking:



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Would not be very surprised if it turns out that Taylor’s, Martin’s, Gibson’s, Epiphones etc. etc…… are acoustically engineered as well :grin:

My suggestion is what allready said above. Go try out as many you can and see what fly’s for you.

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So many options and possibly even more opinions!

First think about what you want in a guitar. How and what are you playing and what do you think you want to play. Rhythm and finger style are just some of the choices. What features speak to you? 12 fret or 14, beveled armrest, short or long scale, electronics and so on. What size and shape fits you? Parlor, 00, OM, dreadnaught, jumbo. Woods? Are you a mahogany or rosewood person? Would you like something different like walnut or something more exotic? Is there a brand you dream of?

Then make a budget and go try out guitars! Research if you don’t know what you might like and think about the features that interest you as you try them. Some things will be in your budget and others may not.

Once you have a feel for what you might like and narrow it down a little, consider the used market. You will get roughly 1.5-2 times the guitar for your money.

Also consider smaller brands. Often you get more there as well, and maybe something a little more unique. Not to say brands like Taylor and Martin aren worth it, they have earned their reputations, but you do pay for the name and they may or may not be what you want. They don’t meet my criteria, for example (but who am I?).

Oh, and if while you are trying out guitars you find one you love, buy it. Even if it is a little more than you wanted to spend. You won’t regret it (but don’t hurt yourself…).

Obviously depends on your budget, but I stepped up from a $300 fender to a $1300 Faith. This is a brand you should seriously look into. My Faith Mars Legacy has all the specs of a Gibson or Taylor that cost twice that. I also don’t think you should go from a £130 guitar to a £400 one or so. Jump up to 1000+ and you get a guitar that maybe lasts you 20 years. But again, investigate the Faith brand. you won’t be disapointed.

Good luck.

Like others have said, go play a whole bunch. Feel and sound are so important and personal and you don’t get that online.

I also agree with the get the best you can afford comments.

KEKW :sparkling_heart:

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Anything ranges around 1k quid should match you taste

But it really depends on your play-style. If you are serious and opt for acoustic guitar, eventually you would want a guitar made with fabulous toneword by a well-known luthier. Good (Super duper good if you are that serious =) ) tone-wood and superior craftsmanship are the determining factor of the quality for acoustic guitar

Years back, I was convinced that I wanted/needed a Taylor… was at a local shop playing a $1250 instrument that was really nice, felt good, looked good, even smelled great! But the sound was just a bit disappointing… I sat there trying to convince myself that I really liked this guitar when some guy comes into the acoustic room and picks up this guitar. He tunes it (by ear) and starts playing scales… a few chords… finally Stairway to Heaven. Meanwhile, I’m trying the other Taylor guitars, even the ones that were way too expensive fir my budget - but they’re not “speaking to me”. So the guy puts the guitar down and leaves… I go look at it… it’s a handmade in Quebec Seagull Artist model with solid cedar top & mahogany sides… lovely tone, beautifully made & did I mention that the smell of cedar is my favorite wood scent. At this point, I’m thinking maybe this is “the one”, but no price tag on that baby. Dreading the answer, I ask the shop owner the price… he tells me & my jaw drops! It’s LESS than 1/2 the price of the Taylor I was considering! So I go home, tell my beautiful wife what happened & the next day a big box greets me at the door!!!
Point is, Go! Look! Play! Listen! Then go for it if you fall in love with it!!!

Good luck!!!



Sweet. Happy NGD Tod :sunglasses:

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Awesome guitar! Enjoy :+1:

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Congrats that looks a beauty!

Its all about the feel and the sound , not the label