NGD again 🙄

Pono 00-40VS

To replace my Larrivee, which I loved, but this is a 12 fret, short scale, so a bit easier to play. I am getting soft in my old age as I play nylon more…

Macassar ebony and Engelmann spruce, large sound hole. Crystal clear and sustain for ages. Oh, and a wider nut 46mm. I like that.

I need help…


:yum: Joshua :yum:

Gosh Josh GAS :fuelpump:
Looks lovely happy NGD

Happy NGD! How many guitars do you have now? :rofl:

Looks fabulous, Josh. Wish you much joy

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Happy NGD Joshua, it looks lovely. Many years of happiness ahead with it, until you buy your next one. :smiley:

Ha! Thanks everyone! Fun to share.

I have two guitars to sell, so once that happens, I will have two classical (nice and beater), one steel (Pono), and one electric (Westone).

Of course, I failed to sell any before buying the new one…

I actually lent my Larrivee steel string acoustic to a friend. He was really thinking of getting started playing guitar and I figured his odds of starting were better if he actually had a nice guitar in hand, rather than needing to make the jump to buy one (and getting something crap, I know him). Set him with gear and and he now only has himself to motivate. I hope he does!


That’s very purdy Joshua, happy NGD!!

That’s rather nice, happy NGD - I didn’t know that Pono made guitars, I’ve only ever seen their Ukuleles - which are also rather nice!

sweet looking guitar you have there! :smiley:

I’m with you, Joshua, the new guitar gets purchased before the declared sale that will contribute to funding which was part of the explanation to one’s better half. :rofl: I felt great relief when I made the sale a couple of weeks after the purchase of the new guitar.

That was the great thing about lending out my other guitar.

Not only do I hopefully encourage my friend to get off his behind and start his guitar journey, I get the guitar out of the house before adding a new one, BUT STILL OWN IT😁!

The finances aren’t the issue with my wife, it is more the things, she is a minimalist.

So, if I decide I am less enthralled with the new one in the future than I currently feel, I can always go back.

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Now that doesn’t fit naturally with the music hobby, once you get away from a single acoustic guitar :rofl: guitars, amps, pedals, interfaces, computers, monitors, music stands, guitar stands, cables, and smaller accessories.

I got a text this morning from the friend I lent my old guitar to. He just got started with Justin Guitar and strumming away! Love it!


Ahhh…that beauty!!! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:

I really do enjoy seeing you plough your own path in this community Josh.
And a new addition to the stable is always a good sign that your enthusiasm/enjoyment for stringed things is burning brightly.
Enjoy that beauty and kudos/vibes for ‘nudging’ your pal :smiley:

When you say easier in what way as i’m losing felling in my hands and playing a D/nought is becoming more difficult a 12 fret might be an idea. Along with a nylon but would like to continue with steel/s. any insight appreciated by all.

I’m living this as well. “Why do you need so much STUFF” is the issue. Messing up the tidy house :joy:.

Great that your friend got straight into learning. There’s a big gap between talking about doing something and actually doing it.

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Good question, and I will see how it pans out.

My issues was primarily string tension, with a normal long scale and a Larrivee, which by reputation play a little stiff. Additionally, I have left shoulder issues so left arm position with the 14 fret long scale gave me problems, even in a classical playing position. Playing a lot of classical guitar has made me like lower tension and like wider nut widths. Fingerpicking also likes wider string spacing at the saddle.

The short scale (24.75” instead of 25.5”) lowers string tension by around 8-10% for a given set of strings. I also use low tension strings (straight up strings) but like thicker strings.

The short scale plus the 12th fret body join shortens the neck by about 2.5 inches (estimated) so reach is easier.

The 00 body size is smaller than my OM Larrivee (much smaller than a dread) and bigger than a parlor. It is closer to my classical but deeper bodied.

This particular guitar has a 46mm nut and I think 10.1mm spacing at the saddle.

The 12 fret, large sound and deep body make a full resonant tone, the macassar ebony helps an even clear and articulate tone.

So far so good. I do hope I made the right decision. I have read many forum (other guitar forum) posts about older player moving to smaller and shorter scale guitars for shoulder and finger problems, and it seems like the right thing for me.

Thanks for reply the 8-10% is a fair improvement maybe time for a change thanks again.