NGD Alvarez AG60LE

Alvarez AG60LCE Artist Left Handed Grand Auditorium Electro Acoustic Guitar in Natural.

Fancied something with wider string spacing for my clumsy fingers and purchased this. Not sure my novice fingers really notice the difference . Really pleased so far . Set up and tuned out of the box which was nice. Seems a heck of a guitar for the price . Parked the electric for a while .


Nice looking guitar. Happy NGD

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Happy NGD fellow Lefty!

They posted a mirrored image of a righthander …kssstt
Lefties are just so sexy. lefty guitars I mean.

@LievenDV yeah my camera battery was dead. Us lefties have to stick together. Still not a huge choice out there.

Happy NGD!!

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As I rightie let me just say that I applaud your good taste in instruments!



Nice looking guitar, congratulations

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:+1: You got one. :partying_face: That is so cool. :sunglasses: :pray:

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@kimlodrodawa yes I went for it. Didn`t really want the electronics but it was all they had.

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Looking forward to some pictures when your cam battery is recharged :slight_smile: Went to read a little more about specs. Seem to be very nice quality all in all. The electronics might come in handy, since you already have an electric and sometimes we just have to go along with the compromise. - Now also you can alter between the two. Should give you twice the urge to pick up a guitar and play :+1: :sunglasses: Really happy for you. :pray:

Happy NGD :partying_face: :sunglasses:
curious how it sounds…have fun together :sunglasses:

Congrats on the new purchase, Alvarez make some fantastic guitars. Have fun :v:


Happy New Guitar Day!!!

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Looking good!

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Very nice, happy NGD!

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Looks really nice. Happy NGD.

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