NGD and getting back on track after an extended lesson pause

I’ll start off by saying that the end of this month will see me passing the two year point since starting my guitar journey (54 yrs old). Through hills and valleys, I’m currently sitting in Grade 2, just before the Major Scale Improvisation lesson; I’ve been lodged at that position for at least 4-5 months now. I’ll admit to getting caught up in the F Barre chord for the longest time, and wanting to get that down before pushing ahead, but more importantly, the last few months were spent attending to my mother as her 42 year fight with cancer came to a close. While I spent time with her hundreds of miles from my home, I did bring along my PRS acoustic and played it almost daily, mostly practicing F barre chord transitions and playing songs, some from the app, and some I’d mostly memorized from the app. My mother loved my playing, rough though it was at points; I have Justin and his lessons to thank for that…it meant a lot. I have a new perspective on things.

I got back home at the beginning of this month and started to put daily life back together. I also have a new family member, as my mother’s cat followed me home and is getting accustomed to life with my other cat (both females), so there’s a bit of craziness in the household. Meanwhile, my guitar-playing has continued and I’ve started to look at how I’m going to re-engage with the lessons. I also picked up my electric for the first time in ages (PRS SE Custom 24) and started re-acquainting myself to the feel of it…my F chord is fantastic on it (it’s serviceable on my acoustic), though transitions still need more speed.

While all of that stuff was happening, I was spending my late evenings working through my backlog of Youtube subscriptions when I came across a Rhett Shull video talking about the Revstar Standard with P90’s Yamaha sent him, but he had never played. That triggered a binge watch of Revstar-related YT videos and then a desire to get one in my hands. I’d heard of Revstars before, the first generation models, but while they caught my eye, I never chased one; the second gen version looked and sounded fantastic. I turned to Sweetwater and found out that they were backordered on all Standards to at least late October. I put my name on the notice list and left it at that.

Yesterday (Saturday), I decided to visit my local mom 'n pop to pick up some fresh strings for my Custom 24 and the acoustic. While there, I browsed the collection of guitars and gear, as one does, then got my strings and started to check out. While checking out, casual conversation with the store owner ensued and the Revstar came up as something I was waiting on. The owner remarked that he actually had a P90 Standard in stock! I’d missed it while browsing…it was a black model, hiding among a bunch of other black guitars of various brands. I had envisioned getting the sunburst version, but the black was gorgeous! I brought it home with me. :smiley:

I was NOT disappointed; what a guitar! I pulled it out of the gig bag and wound up playing it for about 3 hours straight yesterday, lol. It felt great! I put in a couple more hours after dinner, just playing and experimenting with it. The black finish is a finger-print magnet, but that does not bother me. The satin-finished neck is a dream!

I did have a, in my mind, major screw up though. Before I put a strap on it, I was sitting on my couch, playing it, when I reached for something on the coffee table…the guitar slipped off my lap, landing on the cord (on a rug) and displacing the output jack nut. The output jack is still solid in the guitar, but the nut is clearly cross-threaded. I was freaked out, but after removing the output jack plate and looking things over, nothing beyond the jack’s thread/nut is damaged; it’ll be a repair I’ll tackle in the future. I tried to un-cross it, but after failing, I left it alone as it was still holding the jack tight and thought I shouldn’t mess with it until I have a proper replacement on-hand.

I feel re-invigorated now, though I’ve never stopped playing, despite all that has happened over the last few months. My internal debate now is whether or not to back up a few lessons and pick it back up or break into the Theory lessons for awhile? Anyway, I think I’m back; I apologize for the long read, but it all just kinda spilled out. :wink:


“Life” is indeed a burden for the guitarist and it sounds like yours has been very full. My thought would be to back up a lesson or two, as you suggested, just to ease back into things. I’m sure you’ll be surging forward in no time. Good luck with restarting your journey, and my condolences on your mother’s passing.

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Those Revstars are supposed to be great guitars , enjoy the restart!

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So sorry to hear about your mum passing, Scott. A very hard time.

Happy NGD though. That is a lovely looking instrument and I hope you have (although it seems like it already :smiley: ) many hours of enjoyment with it. Glad the guitar isn’t too badly affected after the drop.

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Hello Scott, and welcome back :hugs:.
Your Revstar is a real beauty, and I’m glad, it brings you so much joy.
I think, the idea of revisiting some lessons, is a very wise one. I would definitely do it that way, just to see how it goes and to rebuild my confidence.

I’m very sorry to hear about your mum’s passing :disappointed:. I wish you all the best.

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Hi Scott,
Sorry for your loss .

Good that you are getting back on the lessons and

Happy NGD :sunglasses: :partying_face:


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Sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she went with grace and peace was found at the end.
I lost my father last fall (96 yo and made his decision to go, so totally ok) and it derailed me for a while. Slowed down a lot.

Life brings many challenges that effect is even beyond guitar playing (yes it is true) and how we move through them is individual. It sounds like you are working through it all well.

I am glad you held on to your playing through it all, especially with the new cat (that one would be tough for me, not a cat guy). The guitar and music can be a source of stability and reflection. A solace in normal and difficult times. It is so awesome you played for your mom!

That looks like a fantastic new guitar! You deserve it and I hope you have a lot of fun with her. Don’t worry about the cross thread. I could barely notice it in the pictures. You will be the only one who is aware of it and if it doesn’t affect function it isn’t important. It is good to get the first ding, makes the guitar seem less delicate after that.


Condolences for Mom. Sounds like she was awfully proud of you and you were able to make her smile with your playing. A treasured memory that will keep you motivated to improve and become better at your craft.

as for the NGD… I love the sound of the p90’s, pretty unique. I feel the same about the TV Jones p’ups too. Those cream covers on the p90’s look nice against black and that body/headstock have a huge vintage vibe to it, which I really dig. Kinda got me wantin to check one out now next time I get to the Petting Zoo

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My condolences on the passing of your mom. I am very glad she was able to hear you play.

And congrats on the lovely guitar, now I have to go look that one up! Glad you’re back.

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Thank you all, I appreciate it!

Sorry for your loss! Yea, I have some moments that flip the world a bit, but it’s getting better! Cancer’s a cruel affliction. I’m just immersing myself into the guitar and trying to get two kitties to come to terms with each other.

I’m really loving the Revstar; the shorter scale length (as compared to my Custom 24) and the neck have been a real joy to play on (the stainless steel frets are a bonus and ought to put up with my open chord repetition, lol). I will say that the P90’s love soaking up some hard strumming. That brings up another point from my recent experience…emotion is often coloring my playing. It’s very apparent with the acoustic, but I’m starting to see it in my electric play.

I’ll be going back a few lessons and re-engaging; good advice! I’m getting very curious about theory too, so I’ll probably break into that (beyond the free lessons) and see where it leads me.

There was a moment of panic, but then sanity set in; it’s just a jack and not a broken neck or something like that. After I brush up on my soldering skills, then I’ll replace it.


My most sincere condolences, Scott. Losing a loved one is never easy… it may take a long while for your grieving process & to come to a healing place in your life. Your addition of a new cat will probably end up being a good thing… problems to overcome and devising solutions to get through the day with as you say “a bit of craziness” will be a diversion.
Also, your beautiful new Revstar will take some time to enjoy! I believe I watched the same Rhett Shull video you mention… I did the same thing with binge watching YouTube vids about Revstar guitars! Congrats for that!

Enjoy your new 6 string friend!


Hi Scott.
My condolences and sympathies for your loss. I hope your music is good to you and helps you through the grieving and maybe keeps alive some of those memories too.
Happy NGD - shame about the whack it had.

My condolences on the passing of your mum, Scott. What a blessing you could give her some support with your music. That’s one of the biggest revenues you can get, making people happy with your music.
I’m sure you get back on track very fast and making music hopefully gives you some relief for the pain of loosing her.

Hey Scott,

I’m really sorry to hear about your Mom :hibiscus:

Happy NGD though! She sure is gorgeous! It is a shame about the fall so soon after you got her but glad she’s ok.

Also glad you’re back and feeling invigorated! And congrats too on your new family member, hope the craziness settles down soon. :smiley:

I feel for you Scott. Enjoy the new guitar, looking good.

Sorry to hear about your Mum, Scott.

Congratulations on the new guitar. I have the same model in the “Hot Merlot” red. They are great guitars and I’m sure you’ll get many years of enjoyment from it.



My condolences on your mother’s passing Scott. I lost my mother at a much younger age to cancer, and have been supporting my eldest brother with his fight against cancer for the past 10 years. I’m currently in London with him and his wife supporting him through his 3rd recurrence of it.

It’s never an easy thing to see loved ones go through such a challenging illness, but I’m happy for you that you were able to share your love of music and guitar playing with your mother and that it brought her joy. Ultimately that’s all we can really do, share what little moments of beautiful experiences we can with those we love and cherish them forever.

I’m happy for you that you’ve held on to your love of guitar playing and are resuming the lessons. Having a beautiful new guitar is a great incentive and motivator for that as well. So congratulations on your newest member of your guitar stable.

Wishing you many more happy hours of playing both your Revstar and PRS :blush:

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